Among Us Mode in PUBG Mobile: Everything We Know

Among Us Mode in PUBG Mobile, there may be a mode based on the game Among Us. Currently in beta testing for the Chinese version of the game.

For the first time, a YouTube blogger under the nickname LuckyMan spoke about this. In his video, he showed the gameplay of this mode:

PUBG Mobile Among Us-themed Mode

It is not yet known whether it is an official collaboration with Among Us or not. However, in the Chinese beta of PUBG Mobile, it’s already possible to play the new mode.

In-Game for Peace, the mode was named “Who is the ghost?” Two teams take part in it: the ghost and the special forces. The ghost’s task is to eliminate all members of the special forces before they can figure it out.

Since the mode has already appeared in the Chinese version of the game, perhaps we will see it in the global version of PUBG Mobile. There is also an option that this will never happen. After all, Tencent could have legal problems if they don’t agree on the Among Us concept with the game owners.

So far, it is impossible to predict the fate of the “Who is the ghost?” Often, Game for Peace receives updates two weeks earlier than the global version of the game. But since PUBG Mobile has just received its latest 1.2 updates, the mode won’t arrive until February or March.

There’s also the possibility that this will be a limited-time event that fans will miss later on. But we want to remind you that no one guarantees even the exit of this regime outside of China.

PUBG Mobile Among Us-themed mode is awesome and first time added mode in PUBG Mobile Chinese version. Might be it will include in the globe version after some time. So stay in touch with us!

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