Among Us on PC: How to Download Easily

Instructions on how to download “Among Us on PC”. We can download, install, and play with the help of BlueStacks.

Among Us is a free game for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The PC version on Steam costs about $5. However, there is a legal way to play Among Us on PC free. Yes, we are going to discuss that how to download and play Among Us mobile game on PC. Do not need to pay any cost for playing Among Us game.

We are going to use the BlueStacks program. It allows you to run mobile games on your computer. In this case, the control is already initially adapted for the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, after loading the emulator, you can immediately go to the game.

Download Among Us on PC

Among Us is a multiplayer game with four to ten players. The game takes place on a broken spaceship. Users must repair the ship and return to Earth. But everything is not so simple here, because the team has from one to three traitors. They kill and trick other crewmembers to thwart their plan to return home.

Among Us on PC

Traitors know the roles of other crewmembers. But the crew themselves do not know who the traitor is. They must figure out the traitors and vote for their destruction. Also, the crew must repair the spaceship before the traitors deal with them.

Players can vote to banish other crewmembers. If the traitors destroy the entire crew, they win. The crew wins if they can return home or track down all the traitors.

Installation the BlueStacks

You can easily install BlueStacks from the given link below. Simply go there and install BlueStacks.

Click here to download BlueStacks:

  • Download BlueStacks
  • You will be taken to the official BlueStacks website, where you need to click the green “Download Among Us on PC” button
  • Save and run the setup file
  • Check the box next to “Accept software license”
  • Now select the “Customize Installation” option and specify a convenient location for installing the program
  • Click “Complete” and wait for the installation to complete
  • Sign in to your Google account. If necessary, you can register a new profile

Enabling English in BlueStacks

  • Click on the six icons “Settings” in the upper right
  • Open the “Preferences” section
  • In the menu “Language settings” select  “English”

Keyboard controls

  • Arrows or WASD – Move
  • E or Space – Use
  • Q – Kill
  • R – Report body
  • Mice – Interaction with the game menu
  • Alt + Enter – Go to full-screen mode

In the settings, you can also select the control mode with the mouse. Then control of the game will be similar to control from the phone.

Final Thought

Most people want to play Among Us game on the laptop so this is the best and legal way to download and play Among Us game on Pc with the help of the BlueStacks emulator. You can also play many more games on BlueStacks and Gameloop emulator.


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