How to Control Recoil in PUBG Mobile with Gear

We’ll share a few simple tricks to teach you how to pinch in PUBG Mobile. You can easily control the recoil in PUBG Mobile.

Dealing with the spread of bullets in PUBG Mobile is one of the most challenging tasks for players. But if you learn to grip correctly, you can more effectively and quickly eliminate your enemies. It takes a lot of effort and practice. This is especially true for weapons such as the AKM or DP-28.

But to make it easier for you, we will share tips on how to properly clamp.

Control Recoil in PUBG Mobile

There are the following ways to control recoil in PUBG mobile, you might be become a pro after reading this article and practice:

  • Lower your scope down
  • Keep aiming at the enemy at all times
  • Use the right gear
  • Burst mode

Lower Your Scope Down

The first and most natural step is to gradually lower the scope down. This will take care of the vertical spread of the bullets.

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Keep Aiming at The Enemy at All Times

The next step may seem obvious to some, but you should always keep your aim on the target. This will reduce the horizontal spread of bullets. However, it is not as easy as you might think. You must train your reflexes well and never forget this rule.

Use The Right Gear

The third step is to use the right equipment. Equipping your weapon with a compensator, grip, and buttstock will greatly reduce recoil.

For weapons that have a widespread of bullets, use the vertical grip. Even if this weapon has a weak horizontal recoil, it always has a vertical spread of bullets. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to equip your assault rifle with a vertical grip. Especially if it’s an M416 or Scar-L.

An alternative to the upright handle is the corner handle. It can be used if you don’t have the first option at hand. The smaller grip will work well with any weapon, but best with SMGs.

The light grip is suitable for single-firing weapons like sniper rifles. It can also be used with submachine guns, but never mount it on an assault rifle.

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The finger rest is also suitable for sniper rifles, as it reduces aiming time and allows for shorter cooldowns after spread. But overall, it has little effect on recoil.

You can also use a compensator to further reduce recoil. It fits perfectly with the 7.62 calibers. For example, for AKM or M762. And on submachine guns, it will almost completely remove the spread of bullets. On other assault rifles, it has little or no effect on recoil.

Use the stock if possible. This will slightly improve Micro UZI, Skorpion, and Vector. And for the M416 weapon, this is simply a must, because the stock brings significant benefits.

The laser sight will allow you to see the point where you are aiming precisely while moving. Therefore, it is much easier to play with him. It allows you to directly control recoil, giving you a much better idea of ​​where your bullets are going.

You can use the cheek pad for sniper rifles. While it does not directly affect bullet spread, it does improve overall weapon stability.

Use The Right Gear

Burst Mode

The fourth and final step involves firing bursts of three to five bullets instead of clamping. Experienced players have already noticed that the spread of the first five bullets is always the smallest. And then the weapon already has a strong recoil.


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