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Fixed: Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Nowadays installing a Wavlink extender in the house to boost the current network is rather usual. With the proper Wavlink setup, you can easily remove the WiFi dead zone areas in the home. However, if despite all your efforts, your Wavlink extender is having trouble connecting to the internet, the scenario can be very upsetting. We understand you! But don’t worry; we have the best remedies for this issue right here. Simply follow the troubleshooting tips offered in this article to permanently resolve the problem. Once the issue is resolved you can easily access the Wavlink login page.

Resolved: Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet

The approach to fix the Wavlink range extender not connecting to the internet is straightforward. Walk through the hacks listed below:

1. Restart Your Extender

Technical hiccups with the networking device can lead to internet-related problems. So you need to power cycle your wireless range extender to fix the issue. Are you wondering how to reboot the device? Go through the instructions listed below:

a. The first and foremost thing, power off the wireless range extender and remove it from the wall socket.

b. Now, hold on for some time.

c. After that, put the Wavlink WiFi extender back into the power socket and turn it on.

2. Move the WiFi Devices Closer

As we all know the WiFi extender takes the signals from the host router and then expands it further. For this, it is necessary that both the devices such as the router and extender are placed in the same room. Are you fulfilling this condition? Maybe not, that is why you are facing this issue. To get rid of this issue place the WiFi extender and router within the range. But, neither too close nor too far.

3. Examine the Cable Connection

You must connect the Wavlink extender to the host router for it to access the internet. Which way are you using for this? Is it a wireless or wired connection? Given that a wired connection is more dependable, we advise you to use it. For this, grab an Ethernet cable and join the extender to the router.
If, however, you already have a wired connection established, carefully examine the cable. Maybe it’s worn out or damaged. Or perhaps it is shakily connected to one of the devices. To fix the issue, use the new cable.

4. Keep Away the WiFi Interference

One more way to fix the issue is by placing the wireless devices far from the devices that radiate electromagnetic waves. The reason is these waves interact with the extender signal and lessen the network quality. To troubleshoot this problem, locate the extender away from the objects like microwaves, washing machines, treadmills, fish tanks, refrigerators, insulated walls, mirrors, and much more.

5. Reset Wavlink Extender

Last but not least, if none of the troubleshooting works then we have one more solution to fix the issue and that is resetting the extender to its factory default settings. Always remember that after the reset process, all the custom settings will be deleted. If you are not sure how to reset the wireless range extender to its default settings then follow the instructions provided ahead:

I. First of all, remove the connection between the wireless devices.

II. Thereafter, find the Reset button on the Wavlink range extender.

III. As soon as you find it, press it gently using a sharp pointed object like a toothpick, paper clip, or oil pin.

IV. Wait for a few seconds and release the button.

In this way, reset the Wavlink wireless range extender to its default settings. Now, perform the configuration process again using the wifi.wavlink.com setup wizard.

The Final Thoughts

This is all about how to solve the Wavlink WiFi range extender not connected to internet issue. We hope that with the help of the tips mentioned in this article, you will surely be able to log in to your extender without any technical issues blocking your path. If you liked reading this post, then do not hesitate to give a word of appreciation in the comment section. Thank you for reading the post.

Marc Berman
Marc Berman
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