Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile || Where & How to Use

We’ll show you the best places to find a Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile. And also a few secrets that will help you use it effectively.

Every player dreams of finding a flare gun at the beginning of a match. This is a rare in-game item that spawns alongside regular equipment. It can be used to summon air cargo only once. But this is enough to turn the game around for you and your team. After all, with good equipment, it is much easier to win the desired victory.

Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile

The Flare Gun is a pretty valuable item. Therefore, it is important not only to look for it in the right places. But also to squeeze the maximum potential from its use.

Flare Gun Spawn Locations in PUBG Mobile


Georgopol always has a high chance of spawning a flare gun. There are three hangars and many containers where you can find this item. Remember, however, that this is a hotspot where many experienced players jump. They want to find good weapons and eliminate as many enemies as possible.

Sosnovka Military Base

The Sosnovka military base is also a good place to find a flare gun. Look for it in buildings, hangars, and observatories. This is a fairly large location. Therefore, take reliable partners from you. Then you can help each other in a difficult situation.


Another place to find good gear is Novorepnoye. Look for the flare gun on containers and hangars. And then your search will be crowned with success.

Malta Power

If you’ve recently started playing PUBG Mobile, Malta Power is the location for you. It is full of good equipment, which is scattered in large rooms. Therefore, it will be much easier for your team to cover each other. We do not guarantee that a flare gun will necessarily appear here. However, the chance to survive at this point is much higher than at the three previous locations.

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range location is also suitable for beginners. Here, the chance of meeting an experienced opponent is much lower. Look for the flare gun on tables and boxes. Shooting Range is a small location. Therefore, it can be examined very quickly and all the necessary equipment can be found.

How to use the Flare Launcher in PUBG Mobile?

How to use the Flare Launcher in PUBG Mobile

Choose an Open Area

Make sure you use the flare gun in an open area with some good cover. The flare gun is getting a lot of attention. Therefore, be prepared to be defensive.

Act Fast

The bright red fire will quickly be noticed by your opponents. So you need to inspect the air cargo as soon as possible. Do everything without too much fuss and hide right away.

Use The Load As Bait

If you want not only to collect equipment but also to eliminate several enemies, then occupy a height in a safe place. Deal with enemies and go to the air cargo to pick up equipment.

Play as a Team

Always think about your partners and act together. Many players want to get their gear first. And very often it ends with the defeat of their team. Therefore, agree with your partners about your actions. Often two players are sent to the air cargo. And the rest of the teammates must cover their rear. Next, you need to agree on who will get the received equipment. Focus on the strengths of each player.

Find Everything You Need First

Air Cargo in PUBG Mobile allows you to get powerful weapons or rare gear. However, this is not enough to fully arm your team. Before using the flare gun, you need to collect weapons and a supply of medicines. After all, you may have to face the enemy.

Be Patient

After the air cargo has dropped, wait for a little. Perhaps someone has already laid eyes on him. So get ready for an enemy attack.

Find A Good Scope and Rifle

A good sniper rifle like SKS and a 4x or 6x scope will help your team inspect air cargo safely. And also eliminate a few enemies that want to get your things.

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