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Know all about the free business listing sites in india

If you are intending to start any kind of business in the near future, then you must pay considerable attention to its promotion. You might be able to successfully carry out your business operations locally without much promotion and publicities. But, if you are thinking about expanding your business, and acquiring more clients, then you must think about listing the details regarding your business venture on any of the free business listing sites in india. These are the sites where the prospective clients tend to be active all the time. As a result, more and more people will be able to see your business, and if they are interested, then they will get back to you. Thus, the whole process will significantly enhance your chances of getting more customers and clients. Most of the business listing sites that are currently available are quite pocket-friendly, and it will not put much burden on your budget. In addition to that, the free ones will not ask for any kind of payment. So, without wasting further time, let’s take a look at the vital details regarding these business listing sites that are free.

Some free business listing sites in india

  1. www.sulekha.com
  2. www.indianyellowpages.com
  3. www.indiamart.com
  4. www.yalwa.in
  5. www.directories.net.in
  6. www.fundoodata.comet.in
  7. www.indyapages.com
  8. www.asklaila.com
  9. www.huntbiz.com
  10. http://business.foursquare.com
  11. www.indiabizlist.com
  12. www.justdial.com
  13. www.businessfinder.in
  14. www.gbguides.com
  15. www.workinfo.info
  16. www.smallbusiness.yahoo.com
  17. www.indiabusinesstoday.in
  18. www.smartguy.com
  19. www.crunchbase.com
  20. https://sholay.in

Benefits of using the business listing sites

We have enumerated several free business listing sites in india in the above section. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of using these sites.

  1. If you are able to register your business on any of the above-mentioned sites, then it will help your business venture to deal with the tough market competition that is prevalent these days.
  1. By listing the details of your business venture on high-domain authority websites, you will be able to draw more customers into your firm. Customers who are in need of several services are often very much active on these sites, and your firm will definitely catch their attention.
  1. Another significant benefit of using the business listing sites is that by providing all the vital details regarding your business venture accurately, you will be able to make your venture rank on the top position in Google search results.
  1. The business listing sites will aid in redirecting immense traffic to your official website, and you must find out different ways to engage the increased traffic. This is completely up to you, and if the visitors do not find your website interesting, then they might not visit it again.
  1. These business listing sites will also enable the customers and clients to give their valuable reviews, as well as ratings on the basis of their individual experiences. So, if you are able to acquire positive reviews and ratings, then it will greatly enhance the online trust and reliability associated with your business. This will help you to build and maintain your brand’s reputation.

Points to be noted before choosing a business listing site

Before choosing any of the free business listing sites in india, there are several things that you should be keeping in mind. This will help you to derive safe and efficient services from these sites.

  1. You should always select a site that has good domain authority. The domain authority of any website can be checked using a number of efficient tools. So, you must register on a particular business listing site, only after going through its domain authority thoroughly.
  1. You should always make sure that the business listing website that you are using is spam free. If the website is filled with promotional advertisements, then the users will not have a pleasant experience, and thus, they might jump to the next website.
  1. It must be kept in mind that some free business listing sites do not provide hyperlink options to the users. So, before registering on any site, you must make sure that there is a perfect balance between no-follow links, as well as hyperlinks.


We have taken a look at the vital aspects regarding the free business listing sites in india. While registering your business venture on any of the free listing sites, you need to provide the original Business name/title, Address, and Local Phone number. These details should be completely authentic, and providing such genuine information will enhance the trust of the customers. If you use unauthentic details, then people will regard your brand as fake, and will not contact you. In addition to that, try to provide numbers that are toll free. Many customers prefer calling on toll free numbers, and this might thus enhance the number of clients and customers that are getting in touch with you.

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Marc Berman
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