How to Get AKM Skin Free In PUBG Mobile 2021

Ways to help get free skin for AKM in PUBG Mobile. You can easily decorate your favorite weapon. The AKM is the most popular 7.62-based assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, players often want to get a skin for this particular weapon.

AKM Skin

PUBG Mobile is full of colorful and interesting skins. Most of them can be purchased using UC. However, not every player can spend real money to buy game currency. So let us look at the methods that are available to everyone.

How to Get Free AKM Skin in PUBG Mobile

How to get AKM skin in PUBG for free, you must try these things that are mentioned below:

  • Participate in events
  • Open drawers
  • Follow promo codes
  • Earn UC

Participate In Events

Take part in game-events and complete various tasks. This will allow you to earn rewards, including a skin on AKM. Also, do not forget to log into PUBG Mobile every day. The developers reward for regularly logging into the game. Gifts are different every week. However, sometimes the rewards include skins for popular weapons, including AKM.

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Open Drawers

By opening crates, you can also get weapon skins in PUBG Mobile. However, what you get depends entirely on your luck. Sometimes you can get the desired skin by opening just one box. However, more often than not, this will take many attempts.

Open Drawers

Follow Promo Codes

One of the easiest ways to get AKM skin in PUBG Mobile free is with promotional codes. These are gift codes for PUBG Mobile players that appear during various events. For example, when there are holidays, festivals, or collaboration between game developers and other companies. You can get free skins using promotional codes. You can find the current codes here:

An updated list of promo codes for PUBG Mobile.

Often these codes have a limited number of activations. Therefore, always watch for new codes. You must be one of the first to activate them. Announcements of the release of new codes appear in our groups on social networks:

If you come across an error or a message that the activation limit has expired, it means that the promotional code is already out of date.

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Earn UC

There are many ways that players can earn UC. Later they can spend to buy a skin for AKM. To do this, you need to use one of the proven applications with surveys or tasks. These are Google Opinion Rewards and Feature Points. This is a legal and safe way to get game currency for PUBG Mobile.

I hope you understood after reading these ways that how to get AKM skin free in PUBG mobile.


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