How Do I Get Free Skins in Call of Duty Mobile

We’ll show you the best ways to get free skins in Call of Duty: Mobile. You can decorate weapons or your character. Skins have long been an integral part of many games, and COD Mobile is no exception. Call of Duty: Mobile is full of interesting skins for a weapon or playable character.

Players often need to spend CP to get most of the exclusive items. But many users cannot spend real money to buy CP. So we will show you alternative ways to get free skins in COD Mobile.

How do I get free skins on COD Mobile?

You can get free skins in COD mobile by using these methods that are mentioned below:

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Game events
  • Ranked mode
  • Google Opinion Rewards

Players can get free skins in Call of Duty: Mobile by logging into the game daily. To do this, you just need to launch COD Mobile. In this case, it is not necessary to enter the match. Also, skins can be obtained by taking part in in-game events. For completing missions, you will receive skins for weapons or clothes for your character. And players who take part in the ranked mode receive rewards for each promotion of their rank. If you’re ready to put in a little more effort, try Google Opinion Rewards. This is an application where you can take surveys and receive money for in-game purchases on Google Play.

Daily Login Rewards

Call of Duty: Mobile has a system that rewards players for logging into the game every day. You can get a lot of interesting items just by regularly running the game. You will need to log in daily for 27 days to receive all monthly rewards.

Game Events

COD Mobile developers regularly host various events. In them, you need to complete interesting tasks for which you will receive rewards. The game currently has several seasonal events that are available to players.

Ranked Mode

Like other Battle Royale games, Call of Duty: Mobile has a ranking system. You will receive rewards for reaching new ranks. In the current season, you can get a lot of rewards for increasing your rank.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile application where users take various surveys. For this, Google rewards them with Google Play top-up certificates. The money received can be spent on purchases in the COD Mobile play store. There are also several similar applications. The most popular ones are Swag bucks and Feature Points.


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