Authentic Way to Get the Sharpshooter Achievement in PUBG Mobile

Authentic Way to Get the Sharpshooter Achievement in PUBG Mobile. Instructions on how to get the Sharpshooter achievement in PUBG Mobile. This is one of the most difficult challenges in the game.

How do I get the Sharpshooter achievement?

To obtain this achievement, you must eliminate three enemies with a well-aimed headshot. Only one shot can be fired at a time. This achievement must be completed at the Platinum rank or higher. It is better to use sniper rifles to eliminate enemies. However, assault rifles will also work.

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Achievement rules

  • Your rank must be Platinum or higher
  • You should only hit the head
  • You can’t even miss once
  • Must be 50 meters away from the enemy

Method number 1. Inactive players

Let’s start with the easiest way. There are several inactive players in almost every match. Their character is considered alive, but they just standstill. Therefore, you need to do this:

  • Check the flight path of the aircraft. If the final landing point is on the water, then exit and start the match again
  • Do not jump out of the plane by yourself. Wait for the game to automatically throw you out
  • You will notice several inactive players. Often there are about three or more
  • Open the map and mark your position on the map
  • Now go to the nearest buildings in search of equipment
  • Find a sniper or assault rifle. And also a good sight. Without it, it will be difficult for you to hit the head at a great distance
  • Once you have your rifle and scope, head back to the marked position on the map
  • Stay 50 meters away from enemies. You can check the distance using the “I see the enemy” mark from the quick chat
  • Now eliminate every enemy. Just focus and aim accurately for the head

Method number 2. Bots

The second method is more difficult than the first. Although it can also be used. Especially if you are unlucky with inactive players.

  • Select Erangel and start your search for a match
  • The land where it is easy to find a sniper rifle. For example, to a military base
  • Find a rifle and a good scope. The scopes 4x, 6x, and 8x are suitable for the mission
  • Go to a remote location. For example, on a farm or on an open field
  • Use vehicles to attract the attention of bots
  • Move back 50 meters and eliminate the enemy with a headshot. Repeat this action two more times

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