Halloweeks in PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about the PUBG Mobile Halloweeks events in this article. And how to get free themed skins.

Halloween has officially kicked off on PUBG Mobile. The game has already added the Infection mode. Also, players will have a night mode and themed costumes. Therefore, we will tell you about all the important details of this event.

Halloweeks Events in PUBG Mobile

  • Halloween Infection mode
  • Moonlight Mansion Event
  • Halloween costumes and skins

Halloween Infection mode

In the “Infection” mode, players are divided into two teams: defenders and zombies. Initially, there are 9 defenders and 3 zombies in the match. The walking dead have an unlimited number of rebirths. Their task is to eliminate all the defenders by turning them into zombies. Each match has 3 rounds of 3 minutes. Zombies only win if there are no surviving defenders. Infection mode will be available until November 9, 2020.

Gameplay in Infection mode

Moonlight Mansion Event

In the Moonlight Mansion event, players can collect special coins. To do this, they will need to complete various tasks. Then coins can be exchanged for random rewards. For example, special emotions or playing cards. If the player completes all missions, he will receive a free suit and AG currency. The event will end on October 22nd.

Halloween Costumes and Skins

PUBG Mobile will bring fresh Halloween-themed content. Zombies will wear holiday masks. And the interiors of the buildings will be decorated with gravestones, candles, and pumpkin lanterns. Among the interesting skins of this event is the “Hellfire” skin for the AKM assault rifle. And also special costumes.

By participating in the Halloween event, players can receive pieces of the “Trick” coupon. They can be combined and spent on a holiday roulette. This will allow you to win a holiday skin for transport. Also in the game, there will be costumes of a mummy, a skeleton, and two mystical sets.

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