How do I Increase my KD in PUBG Mobile || 4 Working Ways

Guide on how to increase KD in PUBG Mobile. We will show you 4 working ways to help you improve your statistics. With the start of each new season of PUBG Mobile, players are looking for ways to improve their game performance. For example, win ratio, KD, or average damage. But most players focus precisely on raising their KD. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you exactly how to do this.

4 Ways to Increase Your KD in PUBG Mobile

Avoid Accidental Partners

A player who wants to improve his KD must stop playing with random teammates. After all, there is always a great chance that such players will jump out at different points on the map.

They also won’t help you during shootouts. Because of this, you will lose the fight with the enemy without eliminating the required number of enemies. These matches do huge damage to your stats, including your KD.

Choose your Landing Side Carefully

Avoid Hot Spots

Every PUBG Mobile map has some popular spots where good gear spawns. Therefore, most players jump there. Such places are called hot spots.

Very often in hot spots, it is quite difficult to find a weapon first. Therefore, you will lose matches quickly. It is better to never start matches in hot spots, otherwise, you will harm your KD.

An exception can only be made when you have a reliable team and a powerful smartphone. In addition, you need to be confident and plan your tactics. Only then will hot spots allow you to increase your KD.

Try Different Cards

PUBG Mobile features 5 Battle Royale maps. These are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vivendi, and Livik. Each location has its own characteristics.

Therefore, players can choose which card they like best. But to find your favorite location, you must first try all the cards. Playing on your favorite map will allow you to eliminate more enemies and easily increase your KD.

Try Different Cards

Avoid Unnecessary Aggression

For players looking to increase their KD, it is important not to rush to attack other teams. For example, when a player decides to open fire in an open space, he cannot react to the enemy who is hiding in the building. In such cases, he simply becomes an easy target for enemy teams.

Avoid unnecessary aggression

Such mistakes have a detrimental effect on KD. Always listen to your partners, share information, and coordinate your actions. We wish you every success with PUBG Mobile!

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