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How to Use IP Address to Log in to Router?

Each and every networking device that connects to the internet assigned an IP address to communicate over the Internet. IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique identifier that helps you to log in to your networking device like a router, modem, extender, mesh system, etc. An example of the IP address for a router is How to log in to the router using the IP address? Wondering about the same? We can help. This guide highlights the login steps for a router using the IP address. We recommend you go through the article till the end without skipping any step in between.

Instructions to Log in to Router Using IP Address

Key Requirements

  • Router
  • Stable internet connection
  • Computer or laptop
  • Non-fluctuating power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • Admin credentials

Just for your knowledge, if it first time accessing the IP address, you will directly be taken to the setup page of the router. In case you already done setting up the router, the IP address will take you to the login page. After logging in you will access the admin dashboard of the router. Here are the steps to log in:

Before You Log in

There are a few things that you need to do before you log in to your router on a computer.

  1. Make Secure Router-Modem Connection

The router should be securely connected to the modem before you log in to it. A shaky connection between these two devices will hamper the login process. The PC will not get a stable internet connection if you do not connect them properly.

So, either use an Ethernet cable to establish a connection between these two devices or make a wireless connection. Choose any method but make a firm connection.

  1. Power Up the Devices

See to it that the router as well as the modem are fully booted up. Check the Power LEDs on them. If they are stable, this means the devices are receiving a consistent power supply. If the Power LEDs are not stable, then you should try to plug the device into an alternative socket or use a UPS.

  1. Connect PC to Local Network

The IP address is not a regular website. You can only access the IP address inside the local network. Therefore, connect your computer or laptop to the router’s WiFi. You can also make a LAN connection between them.

It is now time you log in to your router using the IP address.

How to Log In to Router via IP Address?

You now need to access the router login page and log in using the admin credentials. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Run an internet browser on your computer or laptop that is connected to the local network.
  • Consider updating the browser if it runs on an outdated version.
  • We recommend you flush out the cache and cookies also from the browser, as these might cause some login troubles.
  • Once done, put the IP address right in the URL bar of the browser.
  • The URL bar also referred to as the location bar or the address field.
  • Refrain from using the search bar to type the IP address.
  • Pressing Enter will load the router login page on your screen.
  • Now, feed in the admin login credentials i.e. the username and password of the router into the respective fields.
  • See to it that the Caps Lock key should not be enabled.
  • Also, make zero typos while typing the login details.
  • After typing, click on Sign In or Log In button.
  • The door to the admin panel opens up now.

And there you are! You have successfully logged in to your router using the IP address. Now customize the settings of the router as per your requirements. Update the firmware, enable various features, change SSID, WiFi settings, passwords and much more in the settings.

To Briefly Conclude

Here comes an end to our informative post on how to log in to the router via the IP address. We hope the information given here has proved to be useful to you. You can at any point in time, use the same steps and log in to your router. Let us know in the comment section below which settings have you customized after logging in to your router taking help from this post.

Marc Berman
Marc Berman
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