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10 Effective Ways to Increase your PC Speed

10 effective Ways to Increase your PC Speed, are you facing lag problems in PC? In this article, I will show you how to increase your pc speed and get better performance. You can increase your PC speed by the following setting:

  • Remove all useless software’s
  • Enhance RAM
  • Set Limited programs at startup
  • Remove the temp files
  • Keep updated of your window
  • Use QuickCPU software
  • Remove browser cache history
  • Disable auto window updates
  • Disable auto devices updates
  • Set battery performance at the ultimate option

Now we will see how to do these settings, after this setting you will not face lag problems in your PC anymore.


  1. Remove all Useless Software’s

The first setting is “Remove all useless software” that you need to do for increasing your PC speed. You have to remove all useless software’s in your pc. By doing this setting you can improve your pc speed because often we install software’s that we really don’t need, this software is consuming battery power and RAM memory.

When your RAM and Battery power will be consuming Constantly, so certainly that will affect your PC performance. Therefore, we will recommend you remove all useless software’s in your PC.


  1. Enhance RAM

That dams true, your pc performance depends on your system configurations. So you have to enhance RAM for getting better performance in PC.

If your system also has a good configuration so doesn’t worry and follow these others setting for increase PC speed.


  1. Set Limited programs at startup

You need to set limited programs at startup because When you turn on your computer and the unnecessary software starts running as well so this software may be damaging your computer’s performance.

That is a reason that we recommend you to set limit programs at the startup.


  1. Remove the temp files

Removing the temp file in your PC is a necessary part of improving pc speed. So the question is that how to remove the temp files in PC, simply follow these steps:

  • Go into the window search bar
  • Search “RUN”
  • Enter the “Temp” word and press OK
  • Delete all temp files into a folder
  • Again type %Temp% and press OK
  • Delete all %temp% files into a folder


  1. Keep updated of your Window

It is essential for better performance of your PC that keeps update of your Windows. How to keep an update of your Window, simply follow these steps:

  • Go into PC settings
  • Click on updates & security
  • Press check for updates


  1. Use QuickCPU software

Increase PC speed you need to increase CPU speed first, how to increase CPU speed, it very simple just follow these steps:

  • Install QuickCPU Software
  • Fix CPU at maximum performance
  • Fix Battery performance at maximum

Install QuickCPU


  1. Remove browser cache history

In most of the case, your PC speed is low due to browser loading, how to fix the lag problem due to browser loading, that is simple. You have to follow these settings that are mentioned below:

  • Open the browser that you are used
  • Click on settings
  • Press history option
  • Clean all cache

Besides that, you can use extension for removing your browser history or cache, for this purpose you need to add a “Click and Clean” extension. Just click on this extension icon and remove all history.


  1. Disable auto window updates

Sometimes window updates are running on background and these auto window updates affect the PC speed. So you need to disable the auto window updates option. You can disable window auto-updates option by doing these steps:

  • Search “Services” into the search bar
  • Find window update option
  • Click on it and disable window auto-updates


  1. Disable auto devices updates

Disable all auto devices updates for better performance of PC. Follow these steps for disabling auto devices updates:

  • Open PC properties
  • Advance setting
  • Hardware
  • Disable devices installation


  1. Set battery performance at the ultimate option

We have discussed that good battery performance is an essential part of increasing PC speed. So you have to fix the battery power option at high or ultimate performance. How to fix the battery power option at an ultimate performance? Follow these steps that are mentioned below:

  • Battery power option
  • Fix ultimate performance
  • Click on OK

Battery setting


Doing these setting you can improve your Computer speed. If you have any queries related to this article, ask free through a comment box.


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