M24 Vs Kar98k in PUBG Mobile: Detailed Comparison

PUBG players know well that which one is best M24 or Kar98k. Here is a detailed comparison of the M24 vs Kar98k in PUBG mobile. You will find out which weapon is best for you. We’ll compare the damage, attachments, and accuracy of the two rifles. After reading this we hope you can easily identify which one is the best M24 or Kar98k gun in PUBG Mobile.

A large selection of weapons is one of the main secrets of PUBG Mobile’s success. You can collect unique combinations of various types of weapons. And it always gives great pleasure to the players.

Weapons based on the 7.62 calibers always have high damage output. This is the caliber used by the M24 and Kar98k rifles.

Players have long been arguing about which rifle is the best for gunfights. So let’s take a closer look at the M24 and Kar98k.

M24 Basic Information Kar98k Basic Information
  • Base damage: 75
  • Damage per second: 39
  • Time to kill: 3.8s
  • Take reloading time: 1.69s
  • Shots to kill on the head: 1
  • Shot to kill on chest: 2
  • Base damage: 79
  • Damage per second: 44
  • Time to kill: 1.8s
  • Take reloading time: 4.69s
  • Shots to kill on the head: 1
  • Shot to kill on chest: 2

Comparison between M24 vs Kar98k in PUBG Mobile

Body Kits

The M24 and Kar98k are two excellent sniper rifles. However, the bullet speed of the Kar98k is noticeably lower than that of the M24. And speaking of attachments for these rifles, the M24 has the ability to upgrade the magazine. This allows for faster reloading and increased ammunition. Kar98k does not have this option.

Both rifles support muzzle modifications. They allow you to increase the effectiveness of the weapon by reducing the volume of the shot.

Kar98k in PUBG Mobile

Damage of M24 Vs Kar98k

M24 has a higher body hit damage. And Kar98k does more damage on headshots. That’s why the M24 is better when it comes to overall damage. However, both rifles can knock out an opponent with one well-aimed headshot. Provided that the enemy is protected by a helmet of the second level or lower.

Accuracy of M24 Vs Kar98k

The M24 has a higher muzzle velocity. Therefore, the accuracy of the M24 is better than that of the Kar98k. Often, most players prefer to use the M24. Especially when it comes to participating in tournaments. This rifle is much easier to play with than the Kar98k.


M24 in PUBG Mobile

Final Thought

M24 Vs Kar98k in PUBG Mobile: The M24 can be called an improved version of the Kar98k, which is equipped with a magazine. And also has improved characteristics. Such as higher damage, muzzle velocity, accuracy and reload speed.

If you are an experienced shooter and know how to correctly take an inconspicuous position, then the Kar98k is your choice. But in situations where enemies attack from different points, the M24 will help you react faster and eliminate opponents more effectively.


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