Metro Royale in PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about Metro Royale mode in PUBG Mobile. It appeared in the game with the release of Update 1.1.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 is already available for download via Google Play and the App Store. Therefore, the players are waiting for a lot of exciting opportunities. And also the Metro Royale mode, which appeared thanks to the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the creators of Metro Exodus.

Metro Royale mode was announced a few months ago. From that moment on, the controversy about what it would do not subside on the Internet. Therefore, we suggest reading a short overview of the new mode.

Everything about Metro Royale in PUBG Mobile

Metro Royale is a standalone Battle Royale mode with unique features and a separate lobby. Players can enter Metro Royale by clicking on the tunnel entrance in the PUBG Mobile main menu.

Metro Royale is a standalone

After the start of the match, you can find two return points on the map. Players must collect as much valuable equipment as possible and return. Then they will be able to exchange the collected items for Metro Cash currency. Later it can be spent on various rewards.

If a player dies during a match, he will lose all the things he is carrying at the moment. However, the equipment can be hidden in closed boxes. Then you can keep it even if you are eliminated. Therefore, always use boxes to store valuables.

The Black Market is another interesting aspect of PUBG Mobile’s Metro Royale mode. It can be used to buy or sell equipment.

Metro Royale inventory works separately from Classic inventory. In it, you can save the items that you collected during the match. And unlike Classic mode, you must choose your gear before the match starts. Then it will appear during the game.

Also in Metro Royale, you can find unique equipment. For example, the Tihar air rifle, which allows you to fire with steel balls. Thermal imaging sight or night vision goggles that will help you find the enemy in dark places. And also heavy armor, which will give protection up to the sixth level.

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