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Moonga Stone – Astrological Significance & Healing Properties

The Moonga stone is one of the highest-selling gemstones in India. This gemstone is one of the stones of the Navratna family. These nine powerful gemstones hold much significance in astrology. And history has proven the belief in these gemstones as well. Moonga being one of them is a powerful stone with extreme powers. This is popularly known as Red coral all over the world. The stone has got its name from its color as well as its source of formations. The stone has a solid red color which looks most alluring. Red Coral is formed over hundreds of years in water bodies from the skeletons of marine creatures called Coral Polyps.

Due to its link with the sea and the universe, the stone is said to have fierce energies. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the Moonga stone, the properties it has, and the benefits it provides to its wearer.

Astrological Significance of the Moonga Stone

An Original Moonga Gemstone has an association with the red planet, mars. Astrologers say that every astrological planet has its powers connected with a gemstone. Mars is the ruling planet for the Red coral gemstone. So, anyone who has negative effects of Mars or Mangal Grah in their birth chart or Kundli can wear this stone.

People who have Mangal Dosh are highly advised by expert Pandits to wear the Munga Stone.

Also, the red coral is the most beneficial for people born under the zodiac Aries and Scorpio. This is because these people are born under the positive influence of Mars and hence red coral stone will enhance the optimism and tranquility in their life.

These energies of the universe in connection with gemstones also give the stone the properties to provide positive advantages to the wearer. Therefore, there are many Moonga Gemstone Benefits that you could get after wearing this stone.

Benefits of the Moonga Stone 

  • The Moonga stone will shield from all the harm. And negative energies like spirits, bad omens, evil eye, etc.

  • Increase your determination and passion. Also will enhance your self-belief.

  • Promoting spiritual tranquility, the stone will provide you with mental clarity and peace.

  • Increasing your strength, a natural red coral gemstone will give you the bravery to face your fears. And take the necessary steps for the betterment of your life.

  • The Munga Ratna is also known to bring you financial stability.

Healing Properties of the Moonga Gemstone 

The healing properties of the red coral stone have been believed in for centuries. Our ancestors have the belief that wearing a red coral stone in a way that a part of touch keeps touching the skin, will let the energy flow through your body. The vibrations and the aura will affect your mind, body, and soul as well.

And so, the energy of the Moonga stone will heal your physical body, help you connect with the higher powers, and assist you in overcoming emotional traumas.

Here are the many health benefits of the red coral stone:

  • A natural Moonga stone strengthens the bones and provides relief from bone-related pains.

  • It increases the energy levels of the person, giving them proactiveness.

  • Reduces nightmares or any sleep-related problems like insomnia and helps in getting better sleep.

  • Cures mental disorders. Also assists in providing relief from stress, and tension. Also, it also provides relief in panic attacks, anxieties, and depression; giving you peace and calmness.

  • The Moonga stone provides comfort or ease in fever and headaches.

  • If you have hemorrhoids, smallpox, or piles, the red coral stone will help you in healing.

  • An original Moonga stone is also helpful in sex-related issues. It is said to heal any issues that you may be facing while conception. Also, the stone’s energy protects the baby once it conceives and does not let have miscarriages.

To Conclude 

The Moonga stone will be the most beneficial for you if you have Mangal Dosh. Any problems that might be in your way because of this Dosh will remove. Also, you will get all the positive benefits mentioned above by the Red coral.

You will be more calm and bold, as well as be more physically and emotionally fit.

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