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Netgear Extender Setup Tips You Should Know

In this guide, we will help you guide like how a Netgear extender is added to the wireless networks to expand the range of the wireless networks. It is usually used on the parts of the house where the signals are normally weak. For robust results, set up your Netgear Extender halfway between the router and the least expected area.

Setup Your Device through the IP Address

The setup of an extender through an IP address is not at all rocket science stay tuned with the procedure. 

First, make sure to press the WiFi icon on the menu bar. After that Select “Wireless & wired network settings” and just locate the empty dropdown menu. Thereafter choose a network interface. You will see a box called IPv4 address where you need to fill in the static IP address. It will also display the IP address for the devices so do not fill that as well. is the IP you need to fill in the search field and you are good to go after pressing the enter key.

It is a step-by-step guide so have patience and slip down with the process.  

Use Wireless Protected Setup Technique 

Fasten Up While Including The Antennas. You need to do this, if you own a wall extender, this one becomes necessary when you usually set up a desktop extender. If the extender you have is a wall extender, the antennas should be pointed in an upward direction. 

  • Complete the initial setup if possible; once the Setup is complete place your extender in the same room as your wireless router. Or you can also move it to a desired location.
  • Use this method if your existing wireless router supports WPS. If you’re not sure, check the router for a WPS button. The button will say Push n’ Connect, PBC, it might have a padlock icon. Which can Simple Configure, Quick Secure Setup? 

Plug the extender into a power source. If you’re using a desktop extender, use the power cable that came in the box to plug the unit into an outlet. Plug the wall extender directly into the wall outlet. If you have one of the wall extenders. 

  • If the LED Light does not turn on, then the power LED will not turn on. Just keep on holding the Power On thereafter simultaneously turn off the button to turn the extender on. 

Press the WPS button on your Netgear extender. It might look like a small padlock with curved lines that may radiate from its center. This clearly shows that the extender is checking for the router’s WPS signal.

Press the WPS button on your wireless router. When the extender starts building a WPS connection with its extender, the light on the extenders will turn solid green.

  • If your router supports 5GHz and you want to extend that band as well, press the WPS button on your extender again, and then also press the WPS button on your router.

Placement of the extender halfway between the routers can improve poor Wi-Fi. Primarily change the location of your extender. You can easily do it by unplugging the extender and plugging it into the same room as the router. But make sure the location of the extender should still be in the range of the router so it can receive the signals.

Turn on the extender and check the lights. The light conformation depends on your model. The lights of the router may also seem the same as the extender. This is also related to the bands like “2GHz” or “5GHz” lights. Both have a difference. The extender has a good connection with the router as long as the lights are green or amber, the extender has a good connection with the router. However, if the light is red, you have to move the extender close to the router. Make sure to leave them near until the light isn’t red anymore.

Thesetup of both devices is complete here. 


We hope the guide is helping you fully as it is informative. Now, you can access mywifiext.net to retrieve all the settings in just one go.

Marc Berman
Marc Berman
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