How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC 100% Working 2021 Method

Here’s how to install and play PUBG Mobile on PC. The official Gameloop emulator will help us with this. It was created by Tencent, the company that develops PUBG Mobile.

Until July 2019, the emulator was called Tencent Gaming Buddy. Then it was updated and received an English language interface. The changes also affected the design and engine of the program.

Gameloop has several controls out of the box. Also in the emulator settings, you can select the screen resolution and graphics quality.

Using an official emulator is a guarantee of the security of your account. Third-party software may interfere with the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat. In addition, some emulators hide the fact of playing on a PC. This is a gross violation of the game rules.

Gameloop does not conflict with the PUBG Mobile game engine and is always identified as an emulator. There are separate servers for PC players. Therefore, you will not meet players using mobile devices.

It is important to clarify that if you invite a friend playing on a smartphone, your lobby will go to a server for PC players. Therefore, warn your friends in advance so that they also start the game on the computer.

How to install and play PUBG Mobile on PC?

Download Gameloop Official

  • Download the Gameloop emulator setup file
  • Run the installer and click “Browse”
  • Specify a convenient location for installing the program
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Launch PUBG Mobile and select your preferred screen resolution
  • Log in to your profile or create a new account. Now you can go to match search and start the game!

How to Enable Other Language in Gameloop?

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top
  • Open “Settings”
  • Click on “Language” and find the language that you want to select
  • Click “Save” and “Ok”
  • Restart the emulator

Useful Gameloop Guides

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Troubleshooting Gameloop problems and errors

  • Hangs 98% during installation
  • Endless loading
  • Black screen
  • White screen
  • Error “Error Code 1”
  • A microphone is not working
  • Download failed error
  • Error code: 555745297
  • Unable to install because you do not have 3 GB of RAM
  • An invalid version of Google Play services


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