PUBG 9.2 Update || What’s New in the Game

We’ll tell you what’s new in PUBG 9.2 update. A motocross motorcycle awaits players. And also the ability to shoot while driving a vehicle.

New vehicles will help players move quickly off-road. The top speed of this bike is 130 km / h.

In addition, now you can eliminate enemies with a pistol while driving a vehicle. The new Squad Finder feature lets you team up with other players before the match starts. On the PC version, players will have access to chat for communication. There will be a filter for profanity, spam, and ads.

What’s new in PUBG 9.2?

The Motocross Bike

The motocross motorcycle is equipped with its own suspension system. As well as an improved off-road shock mitigation system. A motocross bike can be found in all locations except Karakin. It will replace half of the two-wheeled vehicles in PUBG.

  • The bike has excellent acceleration
  • The maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour
  • Only one driver’s seat
  • The ability to overcome any surface

The Motocross Bike

Shooting While Driving

The developers of PUBG have introduced the long-awaited opportunity to shoot while driving. It allows you to use the pistol while driving. Now the player can do these two things at the same time. Reload speed has been slightly increased.

This will maintain the correct game balance. There are also a few other minor limitations. For example, steering becomes more difficult. The possibility of shooting while driving is available on all vehicles except boats and armored personnel carriers.

Shooting While Driving

Team Search

The ability to search for a team will allow users to find allies even before the start of the game. You can notify your friends and other players that you are looking for partners. And they will be able to invite you to their lobby. Finding a team will allow you to find partners who speak your language. They also want to play the same mode as you. So now players have many more opportunities to build a good team.

Lobby Text Chat

PUBG 9.2 update, players on the PC version of the game can use the chat in the game lobby. Therefore, you can easily communicate and plan tactics with your teammates. Chat automatically filters obscene language, spam, and ads.

For further information visit the official site: PUBG 9.2 updates.


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