PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update: What’s New in the Game

We’ll tell you what’s new for PUBG Mobile players in Update 1.1 (2020). The game will have a new “Metro Royale” mode.

The PUBG Mobile developers continue to release regular updates to the game. Therefore, every month new modes and skins appear in PUBG Mobile.

The last update, number 1.0, received a lot of positive feedback from players. But the developers want to surprise their fans again. This time they are preparing the release of update 1.1.

On October 14, the developers of the game published a list of innovations in version 1.1. So very soon we will be able to download the new version of PUBG Mobile.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update?

  • Metro Royale Mode
  • Metro Royale system
  • Classic Mode Theme
  • Classic Mode Update

Metro Royale Mode

The developers of PUBG Mobile and the creators of the Metro series have prepared a highly-anticipated collaboration. This will be a new mode, as well as a unique game system called Metro Royale. Players will be able to fight in new locations, where a lot of surprises await them.

  • New locations: two exclusive maps
  • New consumables: New night vision goggle and Tikka rifle
  • Challenges for the player: Meeting with bandits, monsters, and much more

Other details about this mode are still unknown. However, we are sure that the developers are preparing a lot of interesting things.

Metro Royale System

Metro Royale Mode

  • New System: Equipment Mode: Players will be able to take a pre-assembled set of equipment into battle
  • New System: Black Market: Metro Royale Exclusive Store

Classic Mode Theme

  • Winter Festival: Paradise in a Snow Castle
  • Players will be able to attend the winter festival

Classic Mode Update

  • New Item: Thorn Trap
  • Players can throw and pick up melee weapons. Then you can pick it up in your backpack

Final Words

We know you will be excited like us. Be patient new PUBG Mobile 1.1 update will come soon. Get in touch with us for the latest updates.


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