PUBG Season 9: Release Date and What’s Next

In this article, you will find out the release date for Season 9 in PUBG. And also what’s new for the players. A new map of Paramo will appear in the game. This will be the first dynamic map to change in every match. Thousands of different things can happen on Paramo.

So you never know what awaits you. In the map trailer, we were shown the team jumping on four different map versions. Each time, the weather, the arrangement of trees and buildings, and the activity of the island volcano were different.

Also in the trailer, you can see that there is a new air cargo on the map, which is much larger than usual. This will be one of the key features of the map.

PUBG Season 9 Release Date

The official release of  Season 9 in PUBG will take place on October 21, 2020 , for PC and  October 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Then the game will begin a new ranked season. And players will have access to a new Battle Pass full of exciting quests and rewards.

Players can now download the PUBG beta to check out the upcoming updates, including the Paramo map. This is a new location measuring 3 by 3 kilometers, where 64 players are fighting. Paramo has an active volcano that can spew lava and release fumes. Also on Paramo, it is quite dangerous to be in the blue zone. The damage from the blue electromagnetic field is higher here than on other maps.

Therefore, if you find yourself outside the play area, you will have very little time to escape. But it is not all that bad. Indeed, on Paramo, you can find a kit for critical situations. It allows you to lift injured partners in just one second!

Helicopters will also fly over the map. They will often drop air cargo outside the play area. However, players can knock out a helicopter with one well-aimed shot. Then they will be able to receive air cargo wherever it suits them.

Back in Season 9, there will be some minor game improvements. The ranked mode will receive a new set of rules. And the performance of Beryl and SLR rifles will be slightly degraded. This will improve the overall balance of weapons in the game.

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