How to Quickly Push RP in PUBG Mobile Season 15

We’ll discuss how to quickly push RP in PUBG Mobile. In this way, you can get high-class skins and fantastic rewards in the current season.

If we talk about the PUBG Mobile designers, they continue to release worldwide updates to the game regularly. Each such event is accompanied by the launch of a new season of the Royale Pass that allows players to get access to fantastic new fresh items and skins.

However, forgetting these rewards the PUBG players need to push RP in the current season otherwise they will lose the exciting rewards. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how you can quickly push RP.

How to increase RP in PUBG Mobile?

That is true the PUBG Mobile players can earn RP by completing daily and weekly RP missions. Definitely, they can receive awards for this. Often by completing the RP missions you can get clothes for the game character or weapons skins. RP can also be increased by regularly launching PUBG Mobile. You can also increase RP by UC, buy UC, and spend on purchasing RP. They are following ways which you can push RP in PUBG Mobile:

  • Complete Daily Missions
  • Run The Game Daily
  • Complete Weekly Missions
  • Purchase Prime Plus
  • Open Classic and Premium Crates
  • Buy RP for UC

Complete Daily Missions

Complete daily missions” is the coolest way to get RP in PUBG Mobile is by contributing to events. Daily the new mission appears in the PUBG game. By finishing them, you can earn 30 RP points and although these missions are temporary (for 3 days or 72 hours), they allow you to push RP well.

Complete Daily Missions

Run The Game Daily

Players can earn extra RP points on regularly logging into PUBG Mobile. Even if you don’t have time to complete missions, you just log in to the PUBG game and get 10 RP points for the day. These points can increase your RP rank 5 to 7 in season. In this way, you can get additional rewards such as silver, BP, skins, or clothing items.

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Complete Weekly Missions

PUBG offers weekly missions to players, there are two types of weekly missions (for Royale Pass players and Without Royale Pass players). If you have Royale Pass, then you can earn a double RP mission that PUBG does not offer to without Royale Pass players. Keep in mind these tasks are often more difficult than the daily ones but they bring much more RP.

Complete Weekly Missions

Purchase Prime Plus

Purchasing Prime Plus” is also an easy method to increase RP points. PUBG offers to players prime plus which you can get 300 UC and 20 UC and 10 RP points per day for one month, so you can get 900 total UC in a month with 300 RP points that equal to 3 RP rank.

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Open Classic and Premium Crates

Most players didn’t know that opening classic and premium crates can push the RP rank. How crates can increase the PUBG RP? When you open a classic or premium crate you get 10 RP points on 1 crate. So in this way you can also increase the RP rank.

Buy RP for UC

This fast RP boost method that requires of UC investment. Players can buy or earn UC which can purchase RP rank.

You can purchase UC currency through the PUBG Mobile in-game store. This is the easiest and most reliable method. You can also purchase Prime plus that we have discussed above.

I hope you understood that how to increase or push RP in PUBG mobile game. If you have any queries related to PUBG game or content, can contact through the comments box.

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