Runic Power in PUBG Mobile: Everything Here

Runic Power in PUBG Mobile. We’ll tell you all about the Power of the Runes event in PUBG Mobile. You will learn what runes are for and how to use them correctly.

What are Runes in PUBG Mobile?

Runes in PUBG Mobile are a collection of magical abilities that the player can use. There are three types of runes in the game: the wind rune, the flame rune, and the cold rune. The desired power is chosen on the starting island. Then you start with a certain supply of magical abilities. However, it is limited. To replenish your abilities, you need to collect crystals during the match.

How do I use Runes in PUBG Mobile?

Each rune in PUBG Mobile has two abilities: offensive and defensive. The Rune of Flame is suitable for players with an aggressive playstyle. Both abilities of this rune allow you to eliminate enemies. The Rune of Cold is a great choice for those who combine an aggressive and calm playstyle. And the cold rune is suitable for players who like to play calmly, avoiding unnecessary fights with the enemy.

Rune of Flame

Rune of Flame

Magma Wheel: You must spend 10 crystals to use the Magma Wheel. It can be activated by clicking on the crystal button. Then a fiery wheel will appear in front of you, which will slowly move forward. It will stop after 10 seconds. After two minutes, the wheel will disappear. Use the magma wheel as a temporary shelter from bullets. You can use 3 wheels at the same time, releasing them at intervals of 10 seconds. The wheel deals damage to the enemy. However, your enemies can destroy him with shots or melee weapons.

Incendiary Ammo: You must spend 5 Crystals to use Incendiary Ammo. After activating this ability, your weapon will fire incendiary rounds. Thus, it does much more damage. Incendiary ammo can be used for 30 seconds.

Rune of wind

Rune of wind

Wind Shelter: You must spend 10 crystals to create a wind shelter. This is a ball-shaped shelter that will protect the player from bullets for 55 seconds. You can create a new shelter after 60 seconds.

Wind Acceleration: You must spend 5 crystals to activate the wind acceleration. This will speed up reloading by 50%. It will also speed up the player’s movement by 10%. The ability lasts 60 seconds.

Rune of cold

Rune of cold

Ice wall: You must spend 10 crystals to build a 3 x 3-meter ice wall. It consists of 9 different blocks. Your enemies must destroy the wall by destroying each block separately. You can use the ice wall for the cover. It can also be used as an elevator to get to where enemies will not be waiting for you. You can build a new ice wall in 10 seconds. You can create 3 ice walls at the same time.

Freeze Bullets: You must spend 5 Crystals to activate the Freeze Bullet fire. This ammo increases hit damage. It is also easier to destroy a magma wheel or shelter from the wind with Freeze Bullets. Freeze cartridges can be used for 30 seconds. Then you need to wait 25 seconds to use them again.

Enjoy with new Runic Power in PUBG Mobile update!

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