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Trendy Halloween Costumes For 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your costume if you haven’t already. Don’t wait until the last minute and end up in a long line at a costume store. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of trendy costume ideas inspired by popular Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV series. Whether you want to go solo or join forces with friends or your significant other, we’ve got some exciting options for you.

1. Barbie:

In 2023, Barbie is back in the spotlight thanks to a hit movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. This year, the color pink and Barbie’s iconic style will be all the rage. It’s a versatile and easily recognizable costume choice. For couples, consider going as Barbie and Ken for a fun and eye-catching ensemble.

2. Taylor Swift:

Calling all Swifties! Taylor Swift is a pop and country icon, and in 2023, dressing up as her is a fantastic Halloween costume . You can emulate her various career phases, from country sweetheart to pop royalty. Look to her music videos and concert outfits for inspiration, and don’t forget her signature red lipstick and a prop like a guitar or microphone for added flair.

3. Wednesday Addams:

Thanks to the success of the Netflix show “Wednesday,” stepping into the mysterious shoes of Wednesday Addams is a hot trend for 2023. To nail her look, start with a black, collared, knee-length dress, iconic braided pigtails, and pale makeup. Add black stockings, Mary Jane shoes, and a cross-shaped pendant necklace to complete the Gothic charm.

4. The Little Mermaid:

With the release of the new “The Little Mermaid” movie in May, dressing up as Ariel will be a top choice this Halloween costume. Expect to see sea-green tail skirts, shell-inspired tops, striking red wigs, and ocean-inspired makeup to complete the look.

5. Top Gun: Maverick:

The release of “Top Gun: Maverick” has reignited interest in naval aviation. Maverick-inspired costumes are set to be a sensation, suitable for individuals or groups. For Maverick’s look, consider a flight suit with patches, aviator sunglasses, a white naval uniform with insignias, black dress shoes, and a navy officer’s cap. For a casual Maverick, opt for jeans, a white T-shirt, a bomber jacket, dog tags, and aviator sunglasses.

6. Beetlejuice:

With the announcement of “Beetlejuice 2,” you can expect to see many Beetlejuice-inspired costumes. Beetlejuice himself wears a black and white, vertical-striped suit, but there are other memorable characters to choose from. These costumes and masks are readily available online.

7. Dexter:

“Dexter: New Blood” came out in 2022, and dressing up as the morally complex serial killer is an easy and cost-effective costume choice. All you need is a brown 3-button henley, a long apron with some fake blood splashes, black gloves, and a knife. Make it a couples costume by having your partner dress as one of Dexter’s victims wrapped in plastic with fake blood splatters.

In Last

Get ahead of the game this Halloween by choosing one of these trendy costumes inspired by pop culture hits. Whether you’re going solo or with friends, you’ll be sure to turn heads at your Halloween events.

Marc Berman
Marc Berman
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