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Wavlink WiFi Router Keeps Restarting [5 Solutions]

The sole purpose of getting a Wavlink wireless router installed in the house is to access a smoother WiFi connection. But, this task remains unaccomplished if the router gets stuck in a reboot loop. Are you also unable to make the most of your wireless router because of the same problem? Well, that can be frustrating. But, it never means that the problem cannot be gotten rid of.

But, before you attempt to follow some advanced techniques to get the problem resolved, consider verifying the status of the power being supplied to your wireless router. Is it stable? Know that it is only possible if the socket into which you have plugged your WiFi router is in a working state. In case it is found damaged, then do not even think twice to plug your WiFi router into another working socket. In case you still fail, then you have no option other than following the hacks mentioned below. This is to inform you that some of them might demand you to go through the Wavlink router login process. Therefore, be ready for the same.

Fixed: Wavlink WiFi Router Keeps Restarting

Solution 1: Power Cycle the Router

If your Wavlink router has been stuck in a reboot loop then it might be demanding some rest. The best option for this is a power cycle. So, you are required to get your router power cycled. Power down the Wavlink device and disconnect all the wires connected to it. Now, you are required to wait for a decent amount of time. We suggest you wait for an ideal period of 30 minutes. Now, reconnect the cables of the router and power it up. In case your WiFi router still keeps restarting, you are required to jump to the next solution.

Solution 2: Change the Router’s Location

There are chances that your WiFi router is overheating due to which it is restarting every now and then. So, you are required to place it at a location where it experiences minimum heat. If possible keep the extender in a well-ventilated room. Avoid placing the router in a location where it sees direct sunlight. Apart from this, the router should not be located closer to direct sources of heat. Otherwise, the problem will keep troubling you. Furthermore, ensure that you have not placed the router near devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies.

Solution 3: Reduce the Network Traffic

Sometimes, the router keeps restarting continuously due to heavy network traffic. Remember that when the devices accessing the network of the router are too many, the chances of the router network getting hacked increase in addition to the rebooting issue. Therefore, you are required to reduce the network traffic on the router. It can be done by disconnecting those client devices that do not require internet access 24/7. Just in case your router is still rebooting, you need to log in to it and cut off potential leeches.

Solution 4: Upgrade the Firmware

It has been observed that a firmware update fixes bugs and errors. Therefore, you must install the latest firmware version on the router by accessing wifi.wavlink.com. Perhaps, the issue you are facing has arisen because of the lack of the latest firmware version on the router. While you are updating the router, make sure that you do not interrupt the process by making unnecessary attempts to play games on the computer or disconnecting the router from the modem. Also, make sure that you’ve not uploaded the incorrect file on the router.

Solution 5: Reset the Router

In case you are still facing the Wavlink router keeps restarting issue, then it only means one thing. The issue has been troubling you because of an incorrect setup process. To get the problem fixed, you need to install the WiFi router from scratch. But, before you do that, consider resetting the router to its preset settings. It can be done via the Reset button present on the router’s panel. All you are required to do is press it with the help of a sharp object. You need to release the button after 40 seconds. Once done, set up the router again.

Summing Up

Millions of users have faced restarting problem with their Wavlink WiFi routers and many of them have been able to troubleshoot it easily. We are assuming that you’ve also read these tips carefully and very soon get rid of the problem like it was never in existence.

Marc Berman
Marc Berman
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