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Which Zodiac Sign Can Wear a Peridot Stone?

The August birthstone, Peridot is a beautiful stone with extreme astrological significance. The properties of this stone provide many benefits to the person who wears it; therefore, with the energy flow of the stone, the wearer gains positivity in their life.

The powers of the gemstone can be both positive and negative. How you will gain its energy depends a lot on the position of the astrological planets as per your birth chart. According to the time of your birth and birthplace, the planet’s position is seen and a birth chart or Kundli is made. According to these stars, the experts read if there are any harmful effects of any planet in your life and what these harmful effects can be. And which gemstone will help you overcome the negative effects?

Zodiac signs are decided by your name and birth date and so they play a vital role in examining the suitability of a gemstone with your life as well.

Here we will discuss the suitability of the gorgeous green-colored stone peridot as per your zodiac sign. This particular gemstone is often recommended to people who have the negative effects of the astrological planet Mercury in their Kundli. It will remove these harsh effects and bring positivity and abundance to the person who wears it.

Who Should Wear Peridot Gemstone?

As per the astrologers, Gemini, and Virgo gemstone can wear this gemstone without any difficulty. People born under these signs will have compatible timing that is needed to wear an Natural Peridot gemstone. Also since the peridot is the birthstone for the August month, the zodiac sign cancer is the one that will also have friendliness with Peridot. Cancer people can wear this gemstone and gain its healing properties and benefits as well as emotional balancing abilities.

After consulting with an astrologer or Pandit, on the best time to perform a pooja, activate your peridot stone as per the proper Vedic Pooja ritual and wear the stone with belief to gain its maximum advantages. Also, While buying a natural peridot gemstone you should make sure how much weight you should wear.

Other than that, the Leo and Scorpio signs can also wear this gemstone. But these signs can have different timing when the stone should be worn as per the position of the planets, so before wearing the stone it is essential to consult with your Pundit. An expert will help you the best in finding out if you should be wearing the stone at that particular time or not.

Peridot will look good and also will help the wearer with their self-confidence, inner strength, and logical or reasoning thinking abilities.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Peridot Gemstone?

People with the zodiac signs Taurus, and Sagittarius should avoid wearing the peridot stone as it can be harmful to them.

However, you can wear peridot in link with another gemstone if you want to wear this gemstone. Two gemstones can be worn together to remove the side effects of one and gain various profits from both stones.

However, try not to wear more than 2 gemstones at a time. Also, do take advice from an expert before wearing any gemstone as gemstones are very powerful and have an effect on all of your being, i.e. your mind, body, and soul.

Peridot Stone Price

The price of peridot stone in India starts from the range of INR 3,000 per carat and can be as high as INR 27,000 per carat. The different price range of the same stone is mainly because of its size, cut, and origin. The treatment, polishing, clarity, and color of the stone also affect the cost.

The best quality stones are more expensive and sometimes are sold in auctions because of their significance and history.

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Wrapping Up

The Peridot gemstone is gorgeous and looks very elegant when worn in the form of jewelry. This stone is highly known for protecting the person from negativity, enhancing creativity, and providing calmness to the person.

With the proper expert advice and following of rituals you can wear this gemstone and gain many advantages from its energy.

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