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How to Withdraw Money Less Than 100 Dollars on AdSense Account in 2021

How to Withdraw Money Less Than 100 Dollars on AdSense Account in 2021. Guys getting payment from YouTube is every YouTuber’s dream. But even after working so hard and uploading hundreds of videos your channel isn’t growing. You trade very hard to reach the 100$ threshold on your AdSense account.

Now you finally want to kick the bucket and withdraw the money which you have on your AdSense account.

Yes, guys, you add me right there’s one way where you can withdraw the money from your AdSense account. Even if you have less than 100 dollars on your AdSense account. So guys in this article I’m going to show you how to withdraw the money from your AdSense account. Even though if you have less than a hundred dollars so guys to know that read this article carefully till the end.

Guys by the way if you are new to my blog I am Uneeb khan. Okay, guys now without any further ado let’s get straight into the topic.

Your Queries:

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  • how to take payment from AdSense if I have less than 100 dollars
  • Is it possible to take the amount from AdSense if I have less than 100 dollars?


So guys nowhere you can see that I have 58 dollars on this AdSense account now if you want to withdraw these 58 dollars. You will have to delete this address account, guys.

[su_quote]This article is only for those who quit YouTube or blogger and want to withdraw the amount which is stuck in their AdSense account.[/su_quote]

Withdraw Money if You Have Less Than 100 Dollars on AdSense Account

Withdraw Money Less Than 100 Dollars on AdSense Account in 2021. You need to follow these steps that are mentioned below:

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  • You will have to delete this address account guys
  • Now to withdraw the amount click on the payments option
  • Guys one more important thing to withdraw the amount you should have more than 10 dollars on your AdSense account
  • You must have completed the identity verification and google pin verification
  • you should also fill up the bank details properly
  • Now once you have done all that
  • Click on the settings option here again click on the account information
  • Guys, so you will have an option called cancel account
  • So click on this option
  • You should get this sentence this exact sentence your AdSense account should display this
  • Once you have done the identity verification and Google pin verification along with your bank details
  • you will get this message displayed
  • Here which states that your account meets all the requirements for receiving final payment from AdSense
  • Your account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold
  • You can cancel your account now down here tick this box and click on continue


Now once you’ve done this you’ll get a mail from AdSense and you’ll have to click on this link for final confirmation.

Guys, you should click on this link within 24 hours once you clicked on this link then your attend account will get terminated so before you click on this link.

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So once you click down this link your account will go under termination process and immediately. You will get one mail from AdSense in that mail they will notify you that the account has been terminated. You will receive your payment within 90 days.

Bottom Line

Guys so by the way if you have any doubts regarding this topic then leave a comment down below in the comment section.

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