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Discovering a novel cryptocurrency leverage trading

In the present scenario, cryptocurrency leverage trading is the best and easiest on BTCC online platform. To begin with, a user has to register a totally free cryptocurrency trading account either through his or her email or mobile number on BTCC. Later he or she will get a notification to verify his or her email, after which he or she can proceed into his or her BTCC trading account.

How to instantly start a significant cryptocurrency leverage trading

Primarily, for the initiation of an outstanding cryptocurrency leverage trading online a user has to click on the login button on the official homepage of BTCC and continue with his or her registered email or mobile login.  However, for the acquisition of the greatest benefits from his or her trading account, a user must not only make a minimal deposit but also unlock all the available leverages on the cryptocurrency trading platform of BTCC.

Now, he or she has to successfully launch the cryptocurrency leverage trading platform of BTCC by simply clicking on the Trading button and next clicking on the choice of either regular cryptocurrency futures or perpetual futures contracts. Although one can trade both forms on leverage; daily and weekly futures have an expiration date whereas, the perpetual contracts can be held with a condition that a user meets the margin requisites with nil time restriction.

Then the desired order type has to be selected by the user of cryptocurrency leverage trading. This effectively relates to market or stop order or pending limit. Herein, with the deployment of a trend following strategy, if a user finds the trading within a price support zone in a direction of a primary uptrend, then he or she must immediately opt for a buy order which is attainable in three forms; buy order, buy limit or buy stop-order.

Next in the line of cryptocurrency leverage trading is leverage selection. BTCC exchange platform graciously permits its users to choose an option that can go to the highest leverage of 150X. However, it is advisable by them that a user initially deploys lower leverage and club it with analysis of the higher time frames and choose higher leverage whilst analyzing the lower time frames.

In the fifth step of cryptocurrency leverage trading of BTCC a user selects the cryptocurrency amount that he or she would like to buy using his or her deposit balance. In the sixth stage, the take-profit and stop-loss are to be selected. These are exit levels to close an open trade. The stop-loss price level prevents a user from further losses if the trade does not go as per his or her expectations and take-profit assists him or her to exit when the trade goes in a favorable direction.

Accessing BTCC cryptocurrency leverage trading

When a user successfully sets all the required input parameters and decides on the final trade direction, he or she clicks on the buy or sell order button to execute cryptocurrency leverage trading. So, a cryptocurrency lover can instantly access https://www.btcc.com/ which has innumerable exciting offers for its elite worldwide users. 

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