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Experts Share Effective Tips for Designing Car Stickers

Marketing experts have realized over the years that vehicles are an excellent advertising space simply because they are capable of moving from one place to another. Just by printing stickers and placing them on the bumper or window of a car, you could easily spread your marketing message and effectively create brand awareness. Moreover, vehicle stickers are easy to print and pretty affordable that makes them fabulous marketing tools.

Various organizations have been using window and bumper stickers for years for boosting their promotional and marketing campaigns. That is simply because whether you are waiting at a traffic signal or zooming past, commuters and passersby’s eyes are caught automatically by things displayed on other cars or vehicles, according to Chron.

With so many people on the road for a substantial amount of time, it is but natural to notice vehicle stickers with fascinating and eye-catching designs. If you wish to create stunning vehicle stickers from StickerYou for your organization, here are some designing tips to keep in mind.

Use Vibrant Colors

While designing vehicle stickers, you should use colors judiciously. Be wise and careful while choosing the colors so that you come up with excellent outcomes. You may opt for two or at the most three colors on your car stickersAlways keep in mind that your goal is to boost brand visibility. You may grab consumer attention by using bold and vibrant colors. You may stick to your brand or logo colors that are used in all other promotional tools like posters, banners, and brochures. You may consider consulting color scheme designer apps that are easily available online.

Include a Catchy Slogan

You may incorporate your business slogan into the core design of your vehicle sticker. It should boost your promotional and marketing campaign. Your slogan should essentially represent your brand. It should reflect the essence of your unique brand and should be a catchy one so that it leaves a profound impact on the viewers. Keep the slogan short, and simple. Determine the USP of your service or product. Highlight it in your slogan. Use humor and wit strategically in your slogan for garnering customer attention. Funny stickers gain a competitive edge and stand tall among the rest. The positive emotions aroused by humorous stickers are crucial for establishing a harmonious relationship with all your clients. It is best to design your vehicle stickers without being offensive and in essentially a family-friendly manner.

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Focus On Using Graphics Sparingly

We know that graphics are critical in coming up with eye-catching car window stickers. However, you should not go overboard. Use graphics wisely and sparingly. Utilize graphics in such a way that the sticker remains visually clean and legible. Avoid incorporating too many texts, and pictures as that may end up confusing the viewers. There should be harmony between the texts, and graphics.


Always use a high-resolution photo. The design of the sticker may be formatted in high resolution. You may opt for a large vehicle sticker if you wish to make an impact and convey a bold statement. For large-format decals and stickers, ensure that the image has a minimum of 300 pixels for every inch for ensuring top-quality print.

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