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Getting the Courage to File for Divorce

Although marital life can get unbearable, only a few people appear to be determined enough to file for divorce immediately. The majority of those who are married for the first time doubt a lot before asking how to file for divorce online in Florida and what documents have to be collected to terminate the marriage. In this post, you can find the most effective tips on getting the courage to divorce and not regret it. Start reading now and go ahead to become single soon!

Understand the reasons behind being afraid of divorce 

An individual who’s not afraid of getting divorced doesn’t need the courage to begin the process. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to face your fear and be sincere to yourself regarding the reasons for it. 

They may include personal reasons (e.g. fear of being alone ever after a divorce or the inability to start living from scratch), financial ones (a fear of being unable to support yourself and your kids after a divorce), social ones (a fear of being condemned by family, friends, or colleagues for getting divorced), and so on. Take action and choose either of the next tips to fight your fears and start realizing your new life. 

Evaluate your chances of starting the life all over again

Before considering yourself absolutely helpless without your long-term partner, take a look at yourself critically and estimate your abilities to run your life. You are a grown-up with a certain lifestyle, habits, skills, and knowledge, so now it’s time to think about how you can apply to become an independent individual who’s capable of taking care of yourself and your kids. 

Of course, life is likely to become harder at first after a divorce, especially if you become the sole custodian for your kids. But why would you think that you can’t manage to get it done? Over time, you’ll learn to live alone, so get ready to take on this responsibility. 

Get professional assistance to cope with anxiety

Are you feeling anxious when you start thinking about getting your marriage dissolved? Probably, you need a therapist’s help. 

Whatever the reasons for your anxiety and stress, coping with them with advice from a professional will be faster and more effective than struggling on your own. Remember, your mental health is crucial for you and your kids, so don’t overlook it. Waiting until you are deeply depressed is not wise and can be dangerous: don’t put your children at risk by forgetting to take care of yourself. 

Weigh all the pros and cons of staying married or getting divorced

If anxiety doesn’t hit you when you’re thinking about divorce but you’re still hesitant to start it, then you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this process. They can vary from couple to couple, yet the most obvious ones are below. 

Pros of getting divorced:

  • you can decide on your future regardless of your partner’s opinion;
  • you can save money the way you want;
  • you can choose the lifestyle that fits your plans and needs perfectly (and don’t take into account someone else). 

Cons of getting divorced:

  • you’ll have to go through a legal procedure that can take some time;
  • you’re likely to spend money on this process;
  • you’ll still need to contact and meet your partner from time to time, etc. 

Besides this, we suggest that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of staying with your partner. Take into account your current problems, the perspective of reconciliation, and their attitude towards you to understand whether you should stick to your marriage or run away. 

Review your financial matters 

To stop being scared of divorce and what financial losses it may bring, take a look at your financial situation. Evaluate how much money you have, what debts you’ll need to pay, what savings are at your disposal, etc. Also, analyze your expenditures and see whether you can keep living on the same level or you should reduce your expenses. 

Hiring a financial consultant resolves this problem if you’re not savvy in money matters. It’s okay to not know something, but it’s bad if you don’t want to expand your knowledge on either issue of your life. 

Start spending quality time with your kids now

Many parents are afraid of being unable to dedicate a lot of their time to kids after a divorce. Others are scared of being restricted in the visitation of their children. Since you can’t influence the judge’s decision on child care after you’re divorced, you can spend as much time as possible while you are in marriage and live together. 

Establish new pastimes for your common weekends, be interested in your kids’ lives, and you’ll manage to stay close to them after getting your divorce certificate as well. 

Attend divorce groups

In case you get courage and inspiration from people who’ve been in your shoes, attending the divorce group meetings can do a lot of good for you. Be it a parents’ support group or women in divorce rights’ protection group, it can bring new acquaintances, understanding of what to do next, and, of course, the courage to succeed as a divorcee. 

Plan the next steps 

Finally, to reduce anxiety and fear, start doing something. Before you take action in the direction of turning single again, we suggest that you plan your steps forward. 

Take advice from lawyers, financial consultants, and family therapists, and outline the step-by-step plan for getting a divorce. It will help you understand that marriage dissolution is just another task you can resolve and not something you should stress out over. 

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