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10 Amazing Free and Paid SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Rank tracking tools are online platforms or software that help digital marketers, SEO specialists, and website owners track the performance of their websites on SERPs. These rank tracker tools provide valuable insights into a website’s visibility and organic search traffic.

How effective are they?

Rank tracking tools are essential for any website that wants to improve its visibility and organic traffic. In addition, they provide valuable data and insights to help website owners and digital marketers make informed decisions about their SEO strategies.

Many rank tracking tools are available, both free and paid. This article will discuss the top 10 free and paid rank trackers that you should be used to monitor your website’s performance.

1. Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a free platform offered by Google that lets you track your website’s organic traffic. It also allows you to submit your sitemap to Google and optimize your website for better search engine visibility. Overall, it’s a great tool for understanding how your website is performing in the SERPs and where you can improve.

2. SERPWatcher:

SERPWatcher is a paid rank tracking tool that starts at $19/month. It offers a 7-day free trial to try it out before committing to the platform. SERPWatcher lets you track an unlimited number of keywords across many websites and devices. Plus, it provides detailed SERP data and insights to see how your website performs and where you need to improve.

3. Rank Tracker:

It is a desktop application that can track your rankings in real-time. In addition, it provides SERP reports and analytics to help you improve your SEO strategy. You can use it for free with some limitations or pay $49.99 per month for the full features.

4. SEOmoz: 

This is one of the most popular tools in the SEO industry and for a good reason. It’s feature-rich, user-friendly, and affordable. You can track an unlimited number of keywords on many websites. And it integrates with a lot of other tools like Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, and more.

5. Authority Labs:  

Authority Labs is a simple rank tracking tool that provides accurate data and reporting features. The platform also includes tools for competitor analysis and keyword research. Plans start at $49 per month, with a 14-day free trial.

6. STAT: 

STAT is a powerful rank tracker that provides customizable reports, WHITE LABEL SEO & SERP tracking, and advanced data analysis features.

7. SERPWoo: 

SERPWoo is a powerful rank tracker designed for affiliates and ecommerce marketers. It’s simple to use and offers many features, including keyword tracking, competitor analysis, SERP preview, etc. Pricing starts at $19/month.

8. Rank Tracker by Mangools:

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive rank tracking tool, Mangools Rank Tracker is a great option. It’s a desktop application that lets you track unlimited keywords in Google and Bing across many projects and domains.

Mangools Rank Tracker also provides detailed SERP analysis, keyword ideas, competitor analysis, etc.

9. AccuRanker: 

AccuRanker is a paid rank tracking tool designed specifically for professional SEOs and agencies. It offers an extensive range of features, including tracking an unlimited number of keywords, creating custom reports, and getting real-time data.

AccuRanker also includes a user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started even if you’re not a tech-savvy person. One of the best things about AccuRanker is that it offers a free 14-day trial. That way, you can try out all the features before deciding whether or not it’s worth paying for.

10. SE Ranking: The all-in-one SEO platform

SE Ranking is an SEO platform that offers rank tracking as just one of its many features. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an absolute solution for your SEO needs, as it also offers a website audit, backlink checker, etc.

SE Ranking also has a very user-friendly interface, and it’s very affordable, starting at just $19/month for the Basic plan that includes rank tracking for up to 10 keywords.

In conclusion

Rank tracking is an essential part of any SEO strategy, as it allows you to track your progress and see how your efforts are paying off. And while there are many rank tracking tools available, both free and paid, the ones listed above are some of the best in the business. So, what are you waiting for? Start using one of these rank trackers today and take your SEO to the next level!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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