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4 Ways to Secure PDF Data using GogoPDF’s Watermarking Techniques

Many challenges and opportunities for development exist now as a result of technological advancements. One of these problems is ensuring the data integrity and security of a particular portable document. With that, watermarking is now a novel way for enforcing ownership verification and protecting data from unauthorized access.

However, only a minimal number of alternatives and options are accessible for efficient document security today. Furthermore, the majority of internet solutions are incapable of producing a dependable watermark. In this case, using GogoPDF, as a digital watermarking tool is necessary for document ownership verification and copyright protection.

Why Include a Watermark in PDF files? 

Watermarking PDF documents that contain private, critical, or confidential data remains one of the most effective methods of safeguarding them. So why is this regarded as a preventive measure? Even if someone tries to share the file without your prior consent, the watermark identifies you as the owner, making it simple to track down the source of the “leak.”

Additionally, when you add watermark to PDF, it can serve as a way to trace the spread of your contents and a deterrent to those who might leak the information. It’s easier to keep track of documents with a watermark on them. A file tagged with the recipient’s name, email address, or other identifiers would make the recipient think twice about forwarding it.

How to Watermark a PDF File Via GogoPDF

Watermarking securely with GogoPDF is much easier than with other tools. Rather than going through multiple steps and risking the watermark being removed, simply enable the watermarking feature and configure your format options. Then, every page of the PDF will now have a digital watermark with the image or text provided by the recipient.

Examine the website’s straightforward four-step process for creating watermarks in more detail below:

  • Using the GogoPDF Add Watermark feature, pick out a document that requires instant watermarking. From your mobile device or personal computer, drag the files, drop them to the server, and wait for them to transfer.
  • Enter the text you want to use or simply drag the picture or logo you want to use as your signature watermark. Then, after selecting the appropriate position for the watermarks, tap the Add Watermark.
  • After placing the text or image to appear on your PDF file, save all of your changes. On average, watermarking the documents takes about a couple of seconds or more. Moreover, a stable data connection will accelerate the procedure.
  • If you are finally comfortable with the arrangements of the watermark, click “Apply Changes,” and the newly secured PDF file will be available in seconds. In addition, you can save the document to your Google Drive, Gmail, or Dropbox account for future reference.

Further, here is the solution which you can use pdf to png converter to convert file easily.

Make Watermarks More Effective

Visible watermarks are frequently designed with complicated patterns such as thin lines and shadows to make them more challenging to remove. If you want to keep the content of your file safe and confidential, you will need to use a comprehensive watermark. Watermarks that are not visible, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to manipulation and duplication. 

Aside from visibility, positioning is also valuable. For example, assume you place a watermark in an area of the PDF with no features. Removing a watermark is simple compared to when it is put in a more complex content area. Furthermore, if a barely noticeable watermark is present, hackers are more likely to steal your information.

Watermarking Protects Ownership Rights

Content theft is one of the most ongoing issues in the digital world. Unfortunately, most electronic file digital users have been vulnerable to unlawful access due to the simplicity of distributing files over the internet. As a result, placing a visible watermark in your PDF documents helps users know who owns the content information.

Digital Watermarking’s Minor Setback

In some cases, you may also observe some of the drawbacks associated with watermarking. The primary downside is that a particular image appears less appealing if used as a watermark. In addition, watermarking all of your files may give viewers the impression that you are more worried about privacy fraud than showing the content and data as they are.


You can be more productive in your tasks if you use online files. However, it can make things more difficult for you when you run into difficulties and start reducing your productive capacity. Therefore, knowing how to cope with them at first may be a reasonable action to keep you actively engaged. With that, use GogoPDF to solve all of your PDF issues today!

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