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7 Signs of a Legal & Trustworthy Sportsbook Online

For the past couple of years, the global market for sports betting has become large and lucrative. Many people from the US and other parts of the world have been placing their bets on popular sports events

This includes NFL, NCAA, MLB, and many more. In fact, many wagerers check out college football picks against the spread for the best game and gambling experience. So, there is no doubt that the sports betting industry is emerging.

But, to ensure safe and fair play, it’s also important for wagerers to look for a legal and trustworthy sportsbook online. Wondering how to find out if your sportsbook is genuine or not? Here are seven signs:


A genuine sportsbook will always have a license from a valid online gaming authority. A licensed sportsbook means that the betting website is working legally. 

In most cases, these licenses are displayed on the website footer or “about us” page. So, check whether you find it there or not. If the sportsbook isn’t licensed, it’s best to avoid it. 

Additionally, you should also research well and learn how to start betting for a young guy.

Operation and Establishment Date

A sportsbook is trustworthy if it is reputed and popular among wagerers. So, check the website for the establishment date and verify if they are in operation for sufficient time. If yes, they are worth trying. 

You can also check their reviews to know about any pros and cons to be sure. 


A trustworthy sportsbook prioritizes safety and security. So, they would use encryption methods to ensure the safety of personal and bank details. If a website is encrypted and ensures safe login, they are worth using! 

Quick Withdrawal

A genuine sportsbook doesn’t take weeks to process the fund. It ensures a quick withdrawal without any issues or errors. Also, the sportsbook should offer multiple ways to make deposits. 


In the majority of cases, a reliable sportsbook will offer several bonuses like a welcome bonus, VIP bonus, weekly bonus, etc. But, if they aren’t authentic, they wouldn’t offer any bonus. So, be aware of such things. 

Design and Functionality

If a sportsbook prioritizes customer experience, it will ensure that the website runs flawlessly. Their website design will be good, and page load time will be quicker. 

Customer Support

Legal and trustworthy sportsbook owners aren’t scammers. So, they would offer customer support to troubleshoot the problems. This includes situations where customers can’t withdraw funds or log in to their accounts. 

Always check if the sportsbook offers some source of contact as customer support. This could be live chat, social media, email, or phone.

If a sportsbook has the above seven signs, they are absolutely genuine! 

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