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A Horological Distinction: Alpina Watches For The Classy Gentleman

There is a lot to be said about watches with a Swiss heritage. However, Alpina took the reputation a step further by introducing the highest-quality watches they can produce for every consumer. Moreover, many watchmakers create precise, durable, elegant, and after all these parameters, you receive a fantastic wristwatch.

Further, the fact remains that the market sees a constant saturation of Swiss pieces from legendary watchmakers. Yet, Alpina continues to thrive as a company and sees an increase in popularity over the last few years. Today, you will see a better picture of what Alpina has to offer to create an elegant look in 2021.

The Alpinists

Alpina creates one of the most unique yet exceptional watches in the world today, even among reputable competition. Simultaneously, there has never been a brand that combines aesthetically pleasing and extremely precise timepieces that can sport an attire anywhere. Despite being less popular than more prominent Swiss brands, Alpina remains one of the premium watchmakers today.

Indeed, Alpina is not to be underestimated. Moreover, the household is far from the simple production it used to be in the late 1800s. Interestingly, taking a look at the history of the so-called Alpinists gives us an idea of how their ideology came to be. Let us take a look at the various milestones in Alpina’s timeline.

Gottlieb Hauser founded the previously known Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation, and its inception united Swiss households from all over. More importantly, the initial plan of combining resources transformed Alpina into an independent identity within the ecosystem. By around 1901, the Alpina was already widespread throughout the far reaches of civilization.

Startimer Pilot Quartz Black Dial

After hearing about the history of Alpina, it should be pretty obvious you’re interested in seeing some choice watches. Moreover, you can rest assured that every one of these timepieces is high-quality accessories for the classy gentleman. 

The first entry on this list is the conservative yet tasteful Startimer in a Pilot Quartz Black Dial. Indeed, the Startimer series is one of the more budget-friendly offerings on this list. However, it goes without saying that these choices are some of the best in their classes. You can’t go wrong with a Startimer, and this beautiful Black Dial model is exceptionally stunning.

The watch features a nylon band for flexibility and increased durability paired with a precision-cut Quartz bezel. As for the dial itself, the Startimer Pilot boasts exquisite details that rival more expensive brands. Visually pleasing Arabic numerals circle the dial with a white finish that complements the subtle red accents.

At 42mm in diameter, this watch sits comfortably in the pack with potential choices from both small and large hand categories. Finally, a 100-meter resistance rating is featured to give that extra boost in security when bringing this watch outdoors.

Seastrong Diver Heritage Brown Dial

Of course, if there are options for dry-land expeditions, there will be Diver watches too. The Seastrong collection is one of Alpina’s pride and joy, and this Diver Heritage in a brown dial is an excellent example of that. More importantly, the unusual combination of a leather strap with the diver-oriented dial gives off a unique yet classy look.

The deep-brown finish on the dial of this Seastrong Diver is simply stunning. Unsurprisingly, Alpina’s type of leather in their Seastrong series comes only from the highest quality materials. Additionally, the leather is hand-stitched by the finest craftsman and preserved using the highest-rated methods.

The Seastrong Diver Heritage has a diameter of around 42mm, making it an ideal companion for anyone. Finally, competitive water resistance of up to 300 meters will be plentiful for most consumers.

Alpiner 4 Silver Dial

Finishing this list is the Alpiner 4 in a glorious silver dial and genuine brown leather strap. For most consumers, a combination of a silver dial and a brown leather strap is pretty standard. However, the detail within the stitching, machining, and even the choice of numerals will significantly impact the overall package. Alpina takes great pride in bringing the best of both worlds and creating masterpieces.

The Alpiner 4 is on the heftier side with a 44mm diameter and double-padded leather straps. Indeed, a classy gentleman will make a statement wearing one of these at a party—finally, a 38-hour reserve pair with 100 meters of water resistance to ensure protection in any activity.


You might be thinking that choosing the best wristwatch can be pretty challenging. Yet, Alpina takes a step further and provides you with timepieces that check all the boxes and check some more after you bring home a new watch. Indeed, no household can elevate a gentleman’s look in 2021 like Alpina and its timeless designs.

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