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Are Fabric Exhibition Displays a Good Choice?

Seamless, lightweight, durable and easy to transport – what more could you need from an exhibition stand!

Fabric exhibition stands are becoming a fast growing exhibition trend and can reinvent the standard pop up stand design in to something which is creative and show stopping each and every time.

If you’re new to the fabric scene and unsure what they have to offer you, let us talk you through the features of the Fabric Exhibition Display.


With most exhibition stands there is a seam where the panels meet. It’s not really noticeable but there are multiple joins throughout one piece of artwork.

If this look isn’t for you, the fabric displays eliminated the join and shows your artwork as 1 complete piece of fabric. The only join you’ll see is the seam around the edge, connecting the front and back panel together.

Slimline Design

The design of a fabric exhibition stand, no matter the shape, width or height ensures that the slimline structure doesn’t take up too much space. Floor space is always really precious, making sure you have enough room for visitors to wonder freely but also for additional printed accessories.

The slimline structure will benefit you in all stand spaces, but in particular in a smaller space, where you need to use each cm as smartly as possible.

Easy Assembly

There is nothing worse than heading to a tradeshow and you have no idea how to assemble your display stand. Or the amount of hours it may take to build.

The fabric range takes the worry out of assembling. It’s simple and in the long run can save your marketing budget as you won’t need to arrange for the stand to be assembled for you. The simple assembly process can be executed by you and your team, in a time frame that is manageable.


Another attractive feature of the fabric exhibition stand is the lightweight materials. As the artwork is printed on to a high quality stretch fabric, the custom printed sleeve is incredibly lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.

The framework uses a simple tube system which slot into each other. The tube system is incredibly light weight too. Due to the weight the fabric exhibition stand can be transported with ease and also ideal for taking to events outside the UK.


When purchasing an exhibition stand, for most businesses it’s an investment and seen as an object which should see you through years of events. And we agree this should be the case, you should look at a stand with longevity in mind.

Not only are the fabric displays reusable but to make sure they can be used again and again, replacement graphics are available. The ability to replace the graphics mean that the one display structure can take on a new look for each event.

Double Sided Print

Double sided print is a benefit which isn’t always used, due to the back of the stand not being visible. However, double sided display stands are a clever way to get at least 2 uses out of the exhibition panel.

Create 2 different artworks, one for the front and one for the back. You then have the choice which print will be front facing.

Alternatively, if a large stand space needs a focal point, use the double sided display to pull in a crowd from all angles of the exhibition hall.

Shape and Sizes

If there’s one thing that the fabric display stands can offer you, it’s choice.

From straight and curved back drops, to spirals, booths and arches. The fabric exhibition stand doesn’t hold back and plugs into your creative side.

Combine multiple stand shapes to create an incredible stand design. The main objective is to stand out against your competitors and we’re confident the fabric display options will support this mission.

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