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Automated software: Need of the hour at Valet Parking Kiosks

With an efficient valet parking system, you can do wonders with your business. Moreover, the old pen and paper system is now absolutely obsolete. Hence with valet parking kiosks like CVPS, you would be able to automate your valet parking software, thereby optimizing your business and making systems work.

How does the Valet Parking System Work?

Valet parking software is a set of mobile and desktop tools that generally enable a parking operator to increase their revenue, reduce labor and damage claims, thereby delivering high-quality customer service. Some of the important benefits provided by valet parking kiosks are:

  • Guest Check-in

When guests arrive with the valet driver will issue a ticket; however, with valet parking kiosks like CVPS, guests can choose to receive an SMS with the information they require, thereby eliminating the need for printing paper tickets. The valet driver can record the details of the guest as well as the date of departure with the CVPS valet parking software. 

  • Easy Valet Parking 

After the guest has checked in, the driver parks the vehicle, and the location will be recorded in the system. By doing so, it is ensuring that the car is easily located by the guests. CVPS solutions record each step in the valet parking process from the guest’s arrival to departure, thereby enhancing transparency in the valet parking software.

  • Smooth Vehicle Retrieval

With valet parking kiosks, guests can request their vehicle before their departure time through SMS at a kiosk. The valet staff will then receive an alert, and the driver can get the car right away. This is an immense benefit for guests as they will know the exact time when their vehicle will be ready.

  • Verified Payment systems

CVPS solutions provide various modes of payment to your customers. They can either pay on their phone or in person. Customers can pay by debit, credit, or cash. Credit card transactions are generally processed through 5 gateways with P2PE and EMV solutions.

  • Advanced Analytics in one touch

Most valet parking kiosks come with advanced metrics as well as support. So, with such software, you can create custom reports so as to glance through the daily, monthly, and yearly statistics.

Since you now know most of the features of automated Valet Parking kiosks, you still might have that question.

Why use valet software?

  • Convenient Parking for Customers: 

The psychology of customers is very different. They won’t mind long lines or high prices if the experience is supreme. So, by using valet software, customers can actually leave their car to a parking attendant instead of searching tirelessly for a spot to park their vehicle. Also, it will be quite easy for valet attendants to find a spot as everything is recorded with CVPS software. Since the process will be much faster, valet parking attendants can quickly return and serve more customers.

  • Enhanced Parking Security

Most customers are skeptical about lending out their cars to other people because of security issues. This is the case mainly for owners of the land cruisers. However, with valet parking software, the parking attendants can use the software to click a photo of the car in the current condition before driving it away. This picture ensures authenticity, thereby protecting both your business and the customer in case of any damage. 

  • Elevate the status of your business

By using valet parking software, you can make your business look modern as well as sophisticated. This helps to leverage your business status and helps in attracting customers. For example, if you are opening up a new restaurant with valet parking software, you can quickly attract customers by having automated valet parking software.

  • Efficient Performance Tracking

With traditional valet parking software, manual performance tracking is a tedious process for each valet attendant. So, with valet parking kiosks, you can generate reports that track the performance of each valet attendant performance. You can check this via a dashboard that can be updated in real-time.

With valet parking software, you can also track the location of each valet attendant, which can be useful in case of emergency situations.

Summing Up

Automated valet parking software is a revolution in today’s time and is a necessity for most businesses today. So, revamp your business today with the CVPS application.  The CVPS team has a history of valet parking service providers and understands in-depth the valet parking business, thereby giving clients a seamless experience. So leverage your business today with Valet parking solutions, thereby giving your customers a seamless experience.

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