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Bathroom Accessories to the Rescue

You feel like you could use a little change of scenery but don’t want to go through the whole array of brutal ordeals related to renovation? We’ve all been there. But we have some news for you – you can have it both ways. No need to go through the whole tile-ripping, floor-redoing thing. Just a few accessories will do, scratching that itch for some change and adding to both the style and functionality of your bathroom space. How? Let’s just dive in.

Organic Cotton Shower Curtain

This one’s a budget choice – but don’t let it fool you, it does pack quite a punch. Embrace a sustainable and stylish bathroom aesthetic with a high-quality organic cotton shower curtain. Make sure it’s GOTS-certified for the best bang for your buck. It’s honestly one of the most effective ways to transform your bathroom. It’s typically a small space so something as big as a curtain can make a big impact. With that in mind, make sure you choose the colour wisely. For that same reason, it’s best to invest in natural and quality materials. A cheap, shiny piece of plastic simply won’t do. Don’t forget shower curtains can also be easily coordinated with a matching natural bath mat or a set of bamboo bath towels, for example. A quick spa-like renovation is just a matter of picking out a few well-paired items.

Smart Mirror

Why not give yourself a real upgrade with a modern feel? In the end, we’re well into the 21st century. With a smart mirror featuring LED lighting, you can step into the future every time you enter your bathroom. Some models come with an adjustable and dimmable intensity in various hues and modes, so you can play around with the entire vibe whichever way you see fit. Bluetooth connectivity opens up a world of new possibilities, and it’s not hard to imagine your bathroom turning into a secondary entertainment centre. This one’s definitely a gadget on a little pricier side and as such it’s non-essential, but it does offer some incredible value and more importantly – it can easily transform your entire bathroom without a lot of hassle.

Minimalist Toothbrush Holder

Continuing with the home SPA theme, we now move on to the complete opposite of the smart home solution. It’s actually as natural as bathroom products come, perhaps second only to real plants. The title tells the whole story – a toothbrush holder. And the list of reasons is rather straightforward. First of all, you need a place to keep your toothbrushes. So why not make it stylish? Minimalist design is all the rage right now and it’s extremely versatile and easy to coordinate. Ceramic black or white options are a great idea as they add a touch of sophistication. You might also want to go for a simple bamboo, which is also a much more affordable choice. Let’s not forget about the various models – from standing ones to wall-mounted holders. Simple, budget-friendly and readily available.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

This short list obviously doesn’t cover all the amazing accessories and products available on the market today. You can easily find plenty of hidden gems that will help you elevate the overall feel and style of your bathroom, giving you that much-desired makeover – on a budget. Don’t be afraid to explore or perhaps, step out of your comfort zone every now and then. The world of opportunities awaits you!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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