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Bridesmaid Checklist: What You Should Do for the Bride

Have you been invited as a bridesmaid for your friend’s or cousin’s wedding? Wow, congrats! It symbolizes the love, care, and affection shared between you and the bride. Being a bridesmaid comes with full-packed fun and honor, as well responsibilities.

Are you thinking that “I have been invited as a bridesmaid to stand with my beloved friend on her wedding day by wearing the dress from one of the best wedding dress collections 2022, here where it comes to the responsibilities and duties?” Well, you’re right – but standing next to the bride with a bright smile & having fun is not only a bridesmaid job; rather it comes with a lot of responsibilities which we are going to discuss as follows:

Bridesmaids Duties before the Wedding

  • Be there for the bride always. We all know that planning a wedding is a stressful yet exciting experience. So, being a bridesmaid and being a loving friend of the bride, it’s a must to lend your helping hand to them in choosing the right wedding dress from the wedding dress collections 2022. Also, support them in finding wedding planners and other vendors.
  • You must keep the bride stress-free and happy, so plan the hen party, i.e. bachelorette party. Create a WhatsApp group with all the bridesmaids and plan for a fabulous girls’ night out that your bride will love and enjoy.
  • From the bridal shower, bachelorette party, to the wedding party, there can be endless parties and events for the big day. So, as a bridesmaid, you need to take the responsibility to plan and organize all the events.
  • Now, it’s your turn to purchase your bridesmaid dresses. Some brides want their maid of honor to wear the same style of wedding gown. Others will allow the bridesmaid to choose their preferred style based on the color theme of the wedding. If you are searching for the best store to purchase your bridesmaid dress, you can prefer wedding dresses Dubai.
  • If your beloved friend is planning for a destination wedding, you can assist her to choose the right destination and also help her in making reservations, bookings, and other travel arrangements in advance. So that, you can avoid last-minute hassles.


Bridesmaids Duties on the Day of Wedding

  • The bridesmaids and the bride need to get ready together on the big day, as they want to arrive at the wedding venue together. One week before the wedding, discuss with the bride and other bridesmaids to determine whether you will be doing hair-do and makeup at the venue or coming to the venue after getting dressed up properly.
  • When the bride is getting ready, try to pack the emergency makeup kits with lipstick, makeup remover, perfumes, beauty products, and handy sewing machines. Packing some snacks and dried fruits will be preferred, as the bride needs a lot of energy to stay active throughout the day.
  • Try to get ready early on the big day, so you can help the bride with her makeup and dressings. The sooner you get ready, the more you can spend your time in organizing and planning everything in the wedding ceremony venue.
  • Do a simple rehearsal with other bridesmaids on how to walk in the aisle along with the bride and where to stand while the ceremony proceeds. Be sure to prepare yourself to fulfill your role perfectly on the special day.
  • Provide your full-time support to the bride on her special day – from exchanging vows, photo-shoots, to the after-wedding party.
  • Once the party is done, it’s your responsibility to make sure guests have transportation facilities to reach their destination.
  • Finally, your duty ends up in catching the bridal bouquet & sending off the newlywed couple on their way to enjoy their honeymoon!

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Be ready to be a Bridesmaid

The above listed are some of the responsibilities which you need to take care of being a bridesmaid for your beloved friend. It can be a lot of stress, but it’s also a huge honor. By being a good supportive bridesmaid, you can create a lot of beautiful memories that will last forever. Enjoy being a bridesmaid and be a bride soon!

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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