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Buddy Program for Children

We all know the benefits of friendship in the life of students but what if these friendships can become the tool of education also which can enhance the education level of the student and children. Students these days are working hard to achieve their academic goals and in order to do so they are opting for all the new and modern techniques   and tools which can accelerate their speed of achieving their targets of their student life. Therefore, school information management system is also inducing these days modern tools to make functioning of schools better like attendance management software. These days schools are focusing on such new tools of education which are modern and innovative and are able to make the learning process easy and more functional. School information management system thus keeps researching the market of innovation to bring something which can make learning efforts of children count just like attendance management software which keeps record of student’s attendance properly to keep an eye on the dedication level of students and about their interest in learning. Following the same concept some schools these days are opting for a buddy program which is a very interesting concept for teaching student’s new things that are fun.

In a buddy program, students are paired with each other (usually older children are being paired with younger children). The main purpose of the buddy program is to support a smooth transition for children starting school. This program promotes a sense of community and belonging in the school among the children. The Buddy program promotes greater social integration among students in school as well in society.  Those students who participate in the buddy program represent greater leadership skills and also their self-confidence level is higher than other students. In other benefits of the buddy program, we can say that it regulates better classroom management and as it is a very innovative procedure which is also very enthusiastic for the students hence, it gives better academic outcomes. This buddy program also enhances the sense of a friendly and supportive school community. In this program older students also feel proud to teach their younger buddies about their leadership skills along with responsibility. Such new and innovative programs are making students achieve their goals and set benchmarks for their learning targets. 

Now let’s know about the elements in this buddy program. Older students are included in this process to monitor the development and maintenance of relationships. Older students who are one of the buddies in their program are already trained and given knowledge about how to be a guiding buddy to younger ones. It is also made very crystal clear that both the buddies should understand each other’s role in this program. Also, it is made by both of the buddies that they don’t have to overreact and go out of line if this relationship doesn’t work. Children are provided with already planned and strategized activities for their intellectual development where they get a chance to recognize each other’s potential to go through with some other activities also according to their compatibility with others. This program is totally depending upon harmony between both the students during this program. It also shows how far the students can go and how much potential they have to learn more and more and attain abilities to sustain. Interesting fact is that this program is not limited to the students only but also some schools are organizing these programs for those families who are new to the school and they have very little knowledge about the facilities and education programs of the school. With the help of buddy program schools also explain the benefits of being associated with them.

During such buddy programs organized other than the perspectives of students’ collaboration, families meet those other families whose kids are already enrolled in the school. They not only guide the new families about the several activities and procedures of the school but also their kids get a chance to mingle and make good bonds of friendship. Along with little older students in this buddy program younger children get guidance about subjects of older classes and also the methods to handle the tough subjects and how to make notes to and learn better with the tactics learned from older children helps the younger children be prepared for the new challenges in older classes.

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