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Choosing Face Paint for Sensitive Skin

Face painting is a blast for kids and adults alike. But for those with sensitive skin, choosing the right face paint is critical to avoid reactions. Here’s how to pick safe face paint if you have sensitive skin:

Read ingredient lists and avoid paints listing FD&C colors, synthetic dyes, or preservatives like parabens or formaldehyde. These can cause stinging, redness, swelling, and itching.

Seek out hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic formulas made specifically for sensitive skin. These are free of common irritants and sensitizers.

Pick non-toxic face paints made with all vegan, naturally derived ingredients. Organic plant pigments and butter tend to be gentler.

Avoid glitter, shimmer, and fluorescent shades, which likely contain synthetic ingredients to achieve those effects. Stick to plain, matte colors.

Test the paint before full application. Paint a dime-sized spot near your jawline and leave for 10 minutes to see if any redness or itching develops.

Select cream-based paints rather than oil-based. Oil can feel heavy and clog pores. Cream formulas also blend better.

Check reviews that the paint doesn’t flake, fade, or smear easily. Frequent touch-ups can further irk sensitive skin.

Use a damp cloth or soap and water to gently remove paint after use. Avoid makeup removers with alcohol, oils, or fragrances.

With the right face paint brand made with non-irritating ingredients, even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy the creative fun of face painting without worry.

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