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Cool Home Gadgets You Need to Own

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, so do every part of our lives- and our home is no exception. Smart home gadgets and products have been increasing in popularity for some time and can elevate the efficiency and design of your home- making it more appealing to guests or prospective buyers if your house is on the market. In modern times there is almost a technological substitution for everything, from chores, to homework, studying and even things to aid with leisure time and relaxation. If you’re looking to upgrade and infiltrate your house with cool home gadgets, here at We Buy Any House have compiled our top home gadgets that you need.

#1- SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker:

When your earphones are out of battery, and you don’t want to carry around a speaker- what’s the alternative? A wireless neckband speaker of course. The device, designed by Sony, this new neckband speaker gives your ears and hands a rest by sitting gently on your shoulders, playing the audio towards your ears in a focused beam. Using Bluetooth connection, and coming with a built-in microphone, you can take calls or listen to music from up to 30 meters from your computer. The angle of the speaker optimises the sound for your ears only, and as it only weighs 113g, its light and comfortable.

#2- Furbo Dog Camera:

If you hate leaving your precious pooch (or cat, this device works for both!), then investing in the Furbo Dog Camera is a great idea. This 1080p HD camera gives you a full view of your pet- day or night, and the 160-degree wide-angle lens, 4X zoom, and even comes with infrared night vision mode. If keeping visual tabs on your pet isn’t enough, the device also comes with other features, such as a two-way chat system, and a treat dispenser that can be activated remotely via the push of a button on the smartphone app.

#3- Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer:

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to print photos directly from your smartphone, then this device is exactly what you’re looking for. This handy instant printer from Fijufilm. The device connects wirelessly to your device, is available for IOS and Android, and takes around 12 seconds to print each photo- and with a full charge, you can print off 100 continuous photos. Including extra features such as ‘Party Mode’ which can combine images from multiple phones to make a mystery image, this device is great for fun at sleepovers or house parties.

#4- Freeze Frame:

If we’re being honest, TV’s can sometimes look bulky and unattractive. Luckily, Samsung has found a way to combat this- by using the concept of ‘The Frame’. It’s a unit that disguises itself as a piece of art until you turn the television on. The television comes with three artworks, designed by Dutch design duo Scholten and Bangs.

#5- Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Hoovering is one of the most labour-intensive chores, and one that frankly, homeowners tend to put off. Luckily, there’s a solution to this- the robot vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has super strong suction power, and is reliable to find every nook and cranny to pick up dust balls, pet hair and other bits of dirt, the robot is also extremely clever at recognising and observing- and can avoid obstacles and stairs to avoid collisions or falls.

#6- Illuminated Bulb:

Colour changing bulbs or LED lights are one of the most popular home trends in recent years. The bulb is multi-fit and can fit in any light fixture. You can change the colour via a smartphone app, which is great for making your home seem occupied even when it isn’t, a convincing “we’re at home” ploy.


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