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DaVinci IQC Vaporizer

DaVinci IQC and DaVinci IQ2 are very similar. The DaVinci IQC is slightly smaller than the DaVinci IQ2 and does not have an adjustable airflow control system.

DaVinci IQC is also lighter and thinner than DaVinci IQ2, although it is not much, we are talking about millimeters and grams here. The buttons and how to use the evaporator remain the same on both devices, except for the lack of an AFC on the DaVinci IQC.

DaVinci IQC Vape has chosen to use high temperature silicon for the DaVinci IQC flavor chamber instead of zirconia, which is made with DaVinci IQ2. This new material dampens heat better, so the evaporator stays cooler for longer.

You also get a more secure mouthpiece on the DaVinci IQC thanks to the use of significantly larger magnets. And it really works too; the mouthpiece, when closed, feels much more stable than the DaVinci IQ2.

And finally, FINALLY, DaVinci IQC now uses USB Type-C for charging instead of the old USB ports used in both DaVinci IQ and DaVinci IQ2. This means faster charging and easier access – no one uses microUSB cables anymore. Further, Click here for vape liquid.

Smart modes and profiles

Like its predecessors and siblings, DaVinci IQC has several smart modes and profiles that make it easy to change the intensity of your sessions. All you have to do is click the button to switch from one smart profile to another – the higher the number, the higher the heat.

You don’t need an app to run DaVinci IQ2 or DaVinci IQ2 or DaVinci IQ, although there is one that you can download and use if you want. Personally, I never cared. Smart profiles are so good.


DaVinci IQC lacks the DaVinci IQ2 AFC, but I wouldn’t consider it a big deal. Where it counts, the DaVinci IQ2 is just as good as the DaVinci IQ2.

It offers the same great flavor you’d expect from a DaVinci evaporator, heats up quickly, the design is as smooth as ever (especially in red), and it has better loading and insulation capabilities.

DaVinci IQC vs DaVinci IQ2

DaVinci IQC is slightly smaller, lighter and thinner than DaVinci IQ2. It works with the same technology as the IQ2, works almost identically, and is powered by a removable 18650 battery.

You get improved charging capabilities in the DaVinci IQC thanks to the addition of USB Type-C and also better isolation. The nozzle is now more securely held in place thanks to larger magnets, and the evaporator itself is like IQ2 super easy to use.

I also think the DaVinci IQ2 and IQC are two of the most beautiful herb vapors on the market right now. They are ergonomic, first class and look great in the palm of your hand.

Add in the fact that DaVinci includes a LOT of accessories and gear in the box, as well as an 18650 battery, and you’re looking for one of the best value and most efficient weed evaporators on the market right now.

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