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Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in 2020

Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in 2020. The professionals and beginners are two different types, similar to what are the jobs in digital marketing for beginners, we will talk further in this article. You will know about digital marketing and you will also know where to find freelance jobs. But for those who don’t know about digital marketing jobs, it’s vital to look at digital marketing jobs and tell the client with confidence that we can do it easily.

Let’s take a look at these platforms that are very common and what you can do on these platforms. There are the following platforms that are mentioned below:


The first platform is “Facebook”, I call Facebook a job for beginners because we use Facebook in our daily lives, and even if someone doesn’t use Facebook, they know about it. What is the major benefit of Facebook? Huge Reach”, which means you can connect with a billion people through this.

If you develop your expertise within Facebook and have the confidence that I can do all the jobs of Facebook, then you will benefit the most in the digital marketing field.

What are the jobs available on Facebook or what you can do on Facebook? The following jobs are available on Facebook that is mentioned below:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Engagement


Ad campaigns mean advertisement, then next is marketing research which some companies will ask you to talk to our clients and ask them to answer our questions. You have to do this. Then next is brand loyalty that means the company needs to connect with customers so that customers can ask questions and build trust with their company. The last one is Engagement that means talking to customers, clients, or users.


The second famous platform is “Instagram” many people know about this but some don’t know, the reason is that Instagram is not popular as Facebook but it essential.  There are actors and celebrities on Instagram which people follow. Now, what can you do with these celebrities, or as a digital marketer how can you use Instagram? Its first creation is that you can benefit by following celebrities for the brand. This means you can use any celebrity for your product promotion, show your product on his channel, and tell followers about it.

Cost is better is a very interesting thing, there is a certain cost if you want to take a model for TV advertisement or show and sometimes that cost goes up. The advantage of Instagram is that it costs less when you hire celebrities for any promotion. These celebrities work on your brand at a low cost.


The next platform is “YouTube”, we all know it is an alternative to Television but more powerful than TV. You can also show video ads and run company content on YouTube. You know better about YouTube so there is no need for further discussion about this.


This platform is much smaller than Facebook, some people use it. This is the public software; you use Twitter when you have to make a fuss about your brand. In this world, mostly politicians, celebrities, and actors do use Twitter.


In the end, the most common platform is “Blogger”, blogger.com is a platform where you create a blog, put custom content on it and promote your band because the content is relating to your brand. If there is a camera company, then you will put the camera-related news on your blog.


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