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Easy Ways to Remove Food Coloring from White Clothes

Whether you are dining at a fancy restaurant or eating comfortably at home, there are inevitable moments that we stain our white clothes with food coloring. It is devastating to see the stain on your precious clothes. More so, it is worrisome for you whether the stain would go away or not.

Let me tell you, calm down. There are easy ways to remove the food coloring from the precious white clothes of yours. However, if you do not treat the stain immediately or do the methods wrongfully, the stain becomes long-lasting. The older the stain, the more tricky it gets to remove them from your clothes’ surfaces.

If you are not confident in saving your white clothes, ask for help from a laundry expert near you.

But, if you want to consider removing the stain before sending your clothes to the laundry service provider, here are some easy ways to do it.

Fresh Stains

You have to act fast in removing the food coloring from your clothes. Act now to save the quality of your cloth. If it takes longer, the stain might become permanent. That’s why if the stains are fresh, follow these steps:

  • Use a table or kitchen knife to scrape off the stain from the surface. It is an easy way to remove the excess stain or material from the surface.
  • Damp a clean white cloth and dab it against the stained surface. Blotting the stain is an effective way of removing the stains.
  • Prepare lukewarm water and mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid detergent. Soak your stained cloth for 15 to 20 minutes. It depends on the difficulty or type of stain your cloth has caught.
  • Rinse your cloth properly and rub the stain off with your hands.
  • If the stain is visible, prepare lukewarm water mixed with distilled vinegar. Soak the stained cloth for 40 minutes or an hour. Vinegar is the most effective stain remover for fabric.
  • After soaking it for an adequate timespan, rinse your cloth properly.

Now that you have pre-treated the fresh stains, it is time to send your clothes to the laundromat near you. Once your clothing piece is laundered properly, you will be satisfied with the whole stain removal process.

You have to be mindful that some clothes have specific wash instructions. It might be crucial to use these homemade tips to remove the food coloring stains. Before pre-treating your clothes, especially those expensive and delicate ones, read its wash label. You have to be gentle with its fabric. Your goal here is to save the quality of your clothes. Thus, a harsh treatment will distort its quality.

If these easy hacks do not work for your clothes, always go to a dry cleaning expert.

The next time you encounter stain problems, do not panic. Stay calm and pre-treat the stain properly. You do not have to worry as the food coloring stain removal methods are pretty easy.

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