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Family-sized cooling: Choosing a refrigerator for Indian families during summer

Pick the fridge best for you

In India, we have a culture of living together in large families. So, preserving food becomes a necessity. Refrigerators help in freezing and storing the food for long periods. Refrigerators cool the inside part by transferring the heat to its external part. Fridges make their inside temperature lower than the room temperature.

When buying refrigerators, capacity, size, and dimensions are worth considering. You should understand your requirements and select a suitable refrigerator. Select the refrigerator according to the size, depth, width, and height to fit in your kitchen. Let’s deeply dive into the details of refrigerator size and its suitability.

Refrigerator sizes by dimensions: 

The three standard sizes of refrigerators are small, medium, and large. Theprices of the refrigerators vary according to the dimensions and capacity.

  1. Small refrigerators: These refrigerators are thin and tall shaped, ideally suitable for apartments. By the measurements, they are 24 inches wide, 60-75 inches high, and 29-30 inches deep. They come in both standard-depth dimensions and counter-depth dimensions.
  2. Medium refrigerators: These refrigerators come in counter-depth dimensions. By the measurements, they are 33 inches wide, 65-75 inches high, and 30-36 inches deep.
  3. Large refrigerators: These refrigerators come in counter-depth dimensions, suitable for large and modular kitchens. By the measurements, they are 36 inches wide, 60-70 inches high, and 30-36 inches deep.

Refrigerator sizes by capacity and family size:

You can select your refrigerator by calculating the capacity in cubic feet. According to the thumb rule, each adult requires 4-6 cubic feet of the refrigerator’s storage space. 

  1. For a family of 1 to 2 members: These families require a fridge capacity of 4-13 cubic feet. Small refrigerators provide a space of 11-13 cubic feet. Thus, a family of 1 to 2 people can opt for small refrigerators.
  2. For a family of 3 to 4 members: A family of 3-4 members requires a fridge capacity of 14-24 cubic feet. These families should opt for medium refrigerators as they provide a space of 18-22 cubic feet. 
  3. For a family of 5 or more members: These families need a capacity of more than 25 cubic feet. Large refrigerators provide a space of 22-28 cubic feet. Thus, a family of 5 or more members can opt for large refrigerators.

There are ranges in prices of refrigerators according to their styles. Check the budget-friendly list for a better understanding.

  1. Top freezer refrigerators come in the range of ₹35,000-₹40,000 and can be the best option for a family of four.
  2. Bottom freezer refrigerators provide more freezing to the food ranging between the price of ₹40,000-₹55,000.
  3. French door refrigerators are suitable for a family of five members and come in a price of ₹55,000-₹90,000.

While selecting the best family-size refrigerator, measure the dimensions accordingly.

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