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Find The Best Earrings For Your Style GP

How do you pick the right earrings? You want your earring line up to complement not only your style but your face shape. Not only should they complement your lifestyle, face shape, and personal style but they should also be comfortable. Whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, glamour girl, or like to keep it casual we can help you find the right earrings.

The first step is to consider the jewelry you already own. Does it lean more simple and sleek or more bold and fun? Which pieces do you actually wear? Are you someone who likes to change their jewelry up daily or wear the same things day after day.

Your answers to these simple questions will help you decide what material, backing, and silhouette you should choose. Going for higher quality materials is a must if you wear your pieces everyday. Choosing poor quality metals can result in swelling, itching, or discoloration on your piercings. No one likes to be uncomfortable when they’re out on a date or lounging around.

Taking a look at the collection you already own, can be beneficial for one more thing. If you found a lot of valuable pieces and realized you hardly ever wear them, you might want to find a jewelry buyer to sell them to. This way you’ll improve your budget for the new pieces you’re about to find.

Next you’ll want to consider your lifestyle. Do you sleep in your earrings or wear them to the gym? Or do you remove your earrings nightly? This will help you decide which type of earring backing is best. If you sleep in your pieces then pick a pair of earrings with a comfortable back like huggies, closed clasps, or flat back studs. This will prevent your earrings from poking or prodding your sensitive skin. If you only wear earrings for special occasions or during the day then you can be a bit less strict with the backing style.

Next you’ll want to determine the right material for you and your lifestyle. Do you prefer gold or silver? Earring posts can be made from 14k gold, 18k gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, or even stainless steel to prevent discomfort or icky looking green residue. You should pick a material that you know how to take care of and that goes well with the rest of your jewelry. If you typically lean towards a gold necklace then sticking with gold will give you a polished final look.

If you never remove your earrings then studs can be tricky. You want to make sure they are super secure, high quality, and the posts aren’t too long (so they don’t poke behind your ear). A stud can more easily catch on fabric, rip out, or be wiggled out of place when you’re doing anything active. Huggie and hoop style earrings are easy to wear and clasp on using a closed locking mechanism so there are no posts involved! They look super sophisticated and sleek but can easily be unclasped whenever you need to switch it up.

Next you’ll want to consider your face shape. The style of earring you choose can help elongate or can shorten your face depending on what you like. For those with a round or oval face you may want to create stronger lines and have a lengthening effect. For this go with a structured or long earring which helps elongate your feature and sharpen your jaw line. For those who have a square or rectangular face a hoop can help soften your features for a romantic feel. A hoop earring or draped drop style can help soften your features as well.

Remember to consider the size of hoop or earring you choose! A chunky shorter style will add width to your face. A thinner or larger earring will make your face appear slimmer by following the lines of your face. Earrings are an easy accessory to incorporate even for a casual outfit. A sleek ponytail can be elevated from casual to cool by a sleek pair of gold hoops. A messy bun can look chic with the right pair of huggie earrings. We hope this will help you curate your ideal earring collection!

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Uneeb Khan
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