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Fun Things to do While Streaming on Twitch

Streamers need to switch different things while streaming rather than just sticking to one. It helps avoid viewers being bored throughout the live stream, leading to their channel change. Streamers who go live more often may find this a hard task. They need to have different fun things during their live stream to help engage and interact with the viewers.

  1. Running Giveaways

Giveaways increase followers like having to Buy Twitch followers. Although giveaways require streamers incurring large sums of money, it is a monetary investment worth having fun. Simple giveaways help closely engage the viewers while making the stream much more enjoyable. Viewers love competing in giveaways while receiving prizes. Such an activity helps recognize one’s stream easier, mostly for streamers aiming to spread the word.

  1. Completing Challenges

Challenges often attract more viewers to the channel. Many things give viewers and streamers a challenge. It gives viewers a chance to cheer on the streamer when the stakes are high. Streamers opt to create new challenges or complete the initial ones. It calls for streamers to be ethical with such changes to avoid trouble. Such challenges are fun during streaming sessions due to their commentating nature and interactivity.

  1. Tutoring on Different Tools

Streamers use different video streaming tools. They may opt to give a brief tutor to their viewers regarding such tools. A quick and easy tutor helps viewers easily understand while drawing more attention. Such a tutor may act as a topic to discuss with the viewers while asking different questions regarding the use and purpose of different tools.

  1. Discussing Hot Topics

Hot and trending topics in one’s community often drive more participation and attention by the viewers. Such a topic needs to be an area of interest for the viewers to increase their engagement rates. It gives streamers and viewers a chance to comment and raise different ideas related to such a topic. Sharing different thoughts on certain events while inviting the audience for participation is an appreciation area by the viewers. Viewers have fun while giving their different opinions.

  1. Demonstrating Cooking Skills

It’s much fun for streamers to cook their favorite dish while demonstrating different eating skills. Showing the audience on particular dish preparations and tasting gives much fun. In a country like South Korea, such an activity is called mukbang and draws more attention from the viewers. 

  1. Conducting Quizzes

Viewers love taking quizzes, particularly in real-time. Quizzes give an open interaction and engagement between the streamers and viewers, especially with a topic of interest. Streamers may decide to create different quizzes with the viewers’ help and appreciate all relevant answers. Open-ended questions create a deep conversation with the viewers. Streamers also look for questions with humorous answers, and are not too difficult for viewers to have fun.

  1. Studio Tour

Some streamers opt to show off their streaming set to a large audience. It helps guide and motivate those streamers passionate about streaming. Streamers can show different equipment used and set up the place area to ensure audibility and visibility. It gives streamers a chance to return to the stream while learning new things.

  1. Answering Viewers Questions

Viewers may have burning questions related to personal life and other important issues about the streamer. Streamers organize question and answer sessions while giving viewers a chance to respond to different questions. Such sessions promote interactions while drawing quite a large number and giving personal connections. It may involve arranging such questions before the stream or giving viewers a chance to send them through chats. Streamers also share their experience with viewers regarding steam scheduling and brand collaborations which is an interesting topic.

  1. House Tours

A live stream house tour is such a fun thing to do since it gives a better description of oneself. It helps build a strong relationship with the viewers. Such activities require not giving addresses for safety purposes. Viewers would like to see your upbringing and the journey to success. Showing off things at an early stage during house tours brings a lot of fun.


Viewers love to be entertained rather than have boring content. Apart from the usual streaming topics that viewers are used to, it’s important to change to some fun ideas. It helps add value to one’s content while increasing engagement with the community. It aids in adding more ideas to your stream.

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