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Grow Your Beard in Three Steps and While You’re at it, Try Some Beard Oils

We all have the uncle who we see a few times a year, and every time we see him, his beard is the same old ugly mess.  We, along with our mother, cousins, and his own wife ask him when he’s going to switch it up, but he always provides the same answer again and again.  He’s letting his beard grow out.  “Okay,” you say.  Only Uncle Bob’s beard is the same length and thickness that it was ten years ago.  Don’t be your Uncle Bob.  Grow your beard by following these three simple steps and to buy yours visit https://www.amazon.com/Bossman-Beard-Oil-4oz-Eliminates/dp/B017JEZ1Z8.

!!1. Deep Clean

It is one thing to throw a little water and soap on your beard and call it a day; it is another thing to give your chin hair a little love by deep cleaning it with all-natural, hypo-allergenic ingredients that exfoliate and rejuvenate clogged pores and dingy hair follicles.  The best beard cleansers use a combo of ingredients that may include keratin and Vitamin B5. 

To deep clean your beard:

  • Rinse well with warm water
  • Add a quarter-sized amount of your high-quality shampoo and rub in to create a thick lather
  • Rinse well until all of the shampoo is gone
  • Repeat if necessary.

Mens beard style can be created by shaving the entire face except for a strip of hair around the mouth or by leaving a strip of hair on the chin but shaving the rest of the face. 

!!2. Condition & Rejuvenate

The second step to growing a flourishing beard is to make sure it is conditioned.  Many men skip this step, thinking that a clean beard is all that matters.  However, a good conditioner will not only add moisture and shine, but it will also add life and strength to damaged and unmanageable strands.  Rejuvenation and revitalization are always needed for true growth and health.

To condition your beard:

  • Make sure you have thoroughly rinsed out all of the cleanser
  • Add a golf ball-sized amount of a premium conditioner to your damp beard and rub it in all the way from your pores to the tips of every strand
  • Rinse right away or leave in for a few minutes before rinsing for a deep condition.

!!3. Maintain & Nurture

Deep cleaning and conditioning your beard provide a little care, but there is always more room for growth, especially when it comes to growing a thick and full beard.  Nurture your beard by dousing it with a portion of a superior balm, pomade, or beard oil, such as the Bossman Brand, and maintain it by stopping by the barber shop a few times a month to keep it trim and neat.

To nurture and maintain your beard:

  • After washing and conditioning your beard, dry it with a moisture wicking t-shirt or other non-drying material
  • Add a quarter-sized amount of beard oil to your chin and hair
  • Rub in and comb/brush it to ensure your entire beard is moisturized
  • Go for routine trims of dead/split ends at your local barber shop

Following these three steps, including using the beard oils, will guarantee that instead of looking like Uncle Bob who could never and would never grow his beard, you’ll be stunning the whole family with your dashing good looks and full, long, thick, and healthy beard.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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