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Help Seniors During COVID -19

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed taken a toll on everyone’s life, especially, seniors and older people. Their physical health and weakened immunity make them more exposed to the risks of getting affected by the SARS COV-2 virus.

Keeping this vulnerable population safe by maintaining social distance and other precautionary measures is a good idea. But we must understand that this social isolation shouldn’t get heavy on their mental health.

Now, seniors are spending more alone time and this gradual drift can be challenging. Fortunately, some younger folks are taking initiative to cope up with such a medical situation.

Fostering community-driven initiatives and programs through making connections and acquaintances with these senile groups is ideal for their health. Now, let’s see what else we can do to bring a smile to their faces.

Initiatives to Help the Seniors During COVID-19

Schedule Virtual Visits

During these difficult times, you should make every effort to reach the seniors in your neighborhood, or someone you meet in the church. Most likely, the seniors will appreciate this idea and it’s really a great way to break their isolation. Consider setting a scheduled time and date for the virtual visits so they are already informed beforehand.

You can even introduce them to the latest technology like Skype, Whatsapp, or Facebook. Why not include the senile members of your family? A short phone call or a chat will certainty brighten up their entire day.

Be Neighborly and Help the Seniors

There are plenty of ways to help the senior population around provide them some comfort. The list can include small efforts like checking someone around who has a high risk from a chronic health condition. You can take them for routine check-ups and help them with the COVID-19 testing.

It can also be pretty helpful if you help run their errands like shopping for groceries & medicines, taking out their garbage, and even cooking & delivering meals for them. These are practically some crucial measures to help the seniors in your community stay healthy and reduce the anxiety for themselves and their family members.

Introduce Them to Technology

Senior people are most likely to be unfamiliar with the recent developments in digital technology. Introducing them to the latest technology is a good thought to help them interact with their family and friends. Skype, Snapchat, Zoom, and Whatsapp are some fantastic options that help them connect in real-time.

They can also sync up technology for streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and others to catch up on a movie or web series. It doesn’t require these older groups to be tech-savvy but a little effort on your ends to teach them about the online world.

Drop them Care Package

The self-isolated elders or couples also require a bit of pampering in their life. While their family may be far off you can think of cheering them with some thoughtfully curated care packages. The gift pack can include goodies like their favorite DVDs, Blu-Rays, music CDs, puzzles, perfumes, etc.

Older people have a feel-good factor when they get a chance to connect with their nostalgia. You can take a little effort to connect their family to curate some photographs and get them framed. Also, an added bonus will be to give them artworks made by their grandchildren to make them feel more valued.

Regulate their News Diet

Many seniors who are staying alone might get addicted to the habit of watching the news or TV. Particularly, they have the tendency to memorize and fixate on most negative reports. Needless to say, such a repetitive, disheartening course can escalate their anxiety and depression levels.

It’ll be a nice move if you step in and help them with a limited cable package selection. This bundle can include movie channels, environmental channels, animal channels, etc. This will entertain them with relaxing and knowledgeable content.

Reach out to Medical Centres for Help

If you really wish to get involved in helping the seniors in your neighborhood and local area, contact community-based programs and initiatives. There are many NGOs and care centers that specially provide help to these aging groups. You can even consult the customer support of medical care centers for medicines and treatment plans.

If there are symptoms related to COVID, you can get in touch with your nearest urgent care for COVID RT -PCR test. For more life-threatening ailments take them to ER services.

Extend Your Support to the Seniors!

Such trying times, all of us should be involved in constructive activity. Taking out a little extra time of your day and engaging with these senile and aging groups could really bring a world of difference to these people.

After all, it’s imperative for elderly persons to have some form of social interaction. However, make sure you are taking all the necessary safety precautions when interacting with them.

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