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How Digital Product Catalogs Drive Sales?

Nowadays, having a product catalog is an absolute must for businesses. Catalogs help you to showcase your products and services in an attractive way to entice customers and help tell your story. Both B2B and B2C industries utilize catalogs. Often, they are in a physical format. However, in the last few years, there has been quite a jump to publishing them in digital formats. 

Digital catalogs help convert interested buyers, and they help the sales team by providing them with product information. When the team reviews the products with leads and customers, sales reps can have contextual presentations that can convert prospects into accounts.   

You may be wondering how to create a digital flip catalog for your business in the most cost-effective and convenient manner. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to design them in a way that appeals to your audience and drives sales.

Do You Need a Digital Product Catalog?

While putting together a printed catalog is a lot of work, assembling a digital catalog will be a bit easier. After all, you are cutting out printing costs by uploading your file to an online catalog software program. Also, a digital product catalog is able to be made interactive. The interactive elements are easy to add and will increase engagement, thereby increasing sales conversions. Another bonus is that you can update the digital catalogs in real time, so your sales reps and customers always have the most accurate, updated information available. 

Designing a product catalog template will take a little time, but the benefits are numerous. Once you have designed it, you can publish to the same template again, with updated catalogs. This will save you time and get your catalog into the hands of your customers much faster. Another benefit is the ability to manage your catalog all year from the back end of the digital publishing platform. This way, both your customers and sales reps will always have the most up-to-date product information.

A digital flip catalog improves the sales process and shortens the buyer’s journey. You can connect your product catalog to an eCommerce website and allow customers to shop and browse your products from there. When they are ready, they can check out. Or, you can build an order form that your customers or sales team can send to your company to fulfill orders.

How To Design a Digital Product Catalog?

  1. The first step to designing an effective product catalog is to gather all of your product data and information. This includes everything related to the products themselves: product descriptions, product images, pricing, SKUs, and customer testimonials. You also want to consider the layout of your catalog, thinking of things like the composition of the catalog, the dimensions, and the use of space within it.
  1. Next, lay out the structure of the catalog and plan where everything should go. Visualize how the flipbook will look once it is put together. Match the aesthetic of your catalog to your brand so it is easier to design. Decide if you want visuals or text to convey the main points of your catalog.
  1. Once you have laid out the structure of the catalog, it is time to upload it to a digital publishing platform and create the product catalog template. Here you can use a pre-designed template or design one from scratch. Select the relevant fields, colors, and settings to correctly map the data source points to the product template. Create a product catalog template that is built for your brand. 
  1. Add navigational elements like a table of contents. You can link the table of contents to internal pages so customers can find what they are looking for faster. You can also add tabs or bookmarks to make it easier to find the different sections. Within the catalog, you can add a search function so users can search a term with immediate results displayed. 
  1. Make it a powerful tool for your business by adding eCommerce links. Customers can shop and browse within the catalog, which enables you to keep their eyes on your content. Transform your product catalog into a digital powerhouse and increase sales and reach. You will generate revenue and make it easier for customers to buy within the catalog itself.

Add Value to Your Business with Digital Product Catalogs 

When you transition from print to digital, you will expand your reach by being able to connect with potential customers outside of the realm of paper catalogs. This will level up your marketing strategy, build brand awareness, and add value to your business. You will connect with more customers out of the realm of paper catalogs. Modern shoppers value shopping experiences over a brand. They want to feel connected to the retailer. 

Utilizing a digital product catalog will help to draw in buyers and connect with them in a new way. Since you can replace pages in real time in a digital format, you will keep your customers up to date with the most consistent information available that will help them to make a well-informed buying decision. Adding rich media elements will open up an opportunity to engage with your content and provide a comprehensive understanding of your products. A digital product catalog can be used within your marketing strategy as a sales tool to improve communication, conversion rates, and drive traffic to your site. Provide omnichannel support and improve the customer experience overall.

Try It Out

There are many ways you can experience the added value of a digital product catalog. Try it out by signing up for free trials from digital publishing providers. Do your research first so you know which platform works best for your needs. You can even try out free product catalog templates while you are deciding. Take advantage of digital product catalogs for your business and improve sales, marketing strategies, conversion rates, and the customer experience.

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Uneeb Khan
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